Saturday, December 09, 2006


One Rainbow Nation for South Africa

So many endeavored to unite

So many created oppositions of might

Which African Tribe will do what is right

Empowering one race above another in the workplace puts a strain on the economy of any African Nation.


Thoughts on empowering Africans

Empowering from the cradle up, instead of interfering with top management will result in black empowerment, because black people outnumber other races in Africa by far.

Empower people with education and jobs according to their abilities and leave skilled top management to build a strong economy.

Empowerment should never increase unemployment or cripple an economy.

Sometimes there is a very narrow line between empowerment and racism.

Empowerment of one race, should not result in the suffering of another.

Real empowerment of any African race should include affordable or free education for all.

Teach children how to be good and proud Africans also.

Banks should help the poor to save by not charging transaction or maintenance fees for small savings accounts. Rather charge people who can afford to pay.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ex Unitate Vires

A message of unity inspired the ruling party each time when an African nation underwent a renaissance. Each time the slogan was applied to the dominant group only. - Eendragt Maakt Maght - Eendrag maak mag - Unity is strength - Simonye - One Rainbow Nation