Friday, May 18, 2007

The Crystal in the Rock

The Crystal in the Rock

In many African countries, non-aboriginal people are like a crystal in the centre of a rock.

They feel suppressed, depressed, in the dark and with no space for expansion. The rock likes to hide, or squeeze the crystal out, and tries to forget that it exists.

The crystal and the rock are different, yet they are the same rock. The crystal develops in the rock, without it's crystal content the rock will be much weakened and vulnerable when faced by the onslaught of the elements. Without the rock, the crystal will float around with no resting place or purpose. For they are one and need each other.

If the rock allows its crystal to expand and radiate out; the whole rock will be strengthened and regain its magnetism.

Let each African country become like a rock that is not fearful of that which developed within itself but utilise all that it is and reclaim its whole power, strength and purpose.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Positive Mourning


Let those who helped to create our past continue to shape our future.

In Africa we are faced with the following disturbing facts:

1 The number of people dying each day increases at an alarming rate.

2 We are running out of space in which to bury the dead

3 Many grave sites are deteriorating and are never visited by family members.

4 The space for our wildlife and natural vegetation is shrinking at an alarming rate and

many species have become extinct.

5 In history the technologies of the times have always influenced the way the dead was


6 For many people the mark they carved in life soon fades after the period of morning

Is over.


Solutions to ponder on:

We can allow graves that are no longer visited by relatives become part of a nature reserve (without disturbing the last resting places of those who are buried there).

Thorough documentation and photographic records of the graves that will become part of this tranquil garden could be done and placed on a special Internet site to honour all those who lived and died on African soil.

Each person deserves to have his/her biography recorded , Each person helped to write the history of our culture, town or country. The lessons learned and his/her achievements or inability to achieve could be and inspiration or lesson for those who follow.

Death need not to be a vacuum lined by heartache and sorrow. People do not have to cease their existence when they die.

So much more information can be written on a web space than on a grave stone

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Some day the western world will recognise that the sins of Apartheid have only jumped to the other side of the chessboard
Instead of complaining about the wrongs of past regimes, people should compare their way of living with that of people where there was little interference from outsiders.

In the past wars among tribes and food supply kept the population at an equilibrium and man lived in harmony with nature but in fear of those in power. Only those who can live without their freedom of choice, universities, schools, hospitals railroads, modern technologies, air travel, cell phones, study and computers have the right to complain about the wrongs of the past.

Yes, many wrongs caused much pain in African history.
The result of the slave trade, the drain of African commodities, the isolated European settlements, who cared only for their own kind, brought to Africa the infrastructure and tools of modern civilisation.

Countries who absorb the skills and knowledge base of the ones who are the custodians of experience and funds will find it easier to enhance their economies

One saw the breakdown in the economies of countries, that did not have the infrastructure or knowledge and funds to maintain their level of productivity, who prematurely broke the link with England.

One sees that same breakdown of the economy when businesses close down because governmental interference makes the working environment unfriendly.

So much of Africa's brain and financial resources are living outside the country because they are branded as foreigners of Africa (based on the colour of their skin)

Uplifting the lives of all people in Africa, without outside help has never been done before. It is better for Africa to utilise skills that was home grown (even if they benefited by apartheid) than to import skilled foreigners who will leak the profits to enrich their own roots.

Western sympathy and aid will dry up while the struggling and suppression continue. It is time for Africans to become colour blind and recognise the abilities and strengths in people instead of their cultural beliefs and the colour of their skins.

For the first time in history, Africa has the means to dignify the lives of all her people.

New unique strategies are needed and not by repeating the sins of the past.

Beware of shrewd business people who give with one hand, while feeding their glut with the other.
The power of Africa is not her gold or ivory, but her natural resources. This is the last continent where the big five can roam freely. - but not for long.
Africans are the custodians of the "Garden of Eden, .... but at this rate, not for long.

Ex Unitate Vires.