Saturday, August 23, 2008


African Tourism.

International tourism will support any country that can provide a safe, crime free, African experience.

Tourists want to experience African nature in all its facets. They do not come to Africa to experience the luxuries of London and New York. They come to Africa for an African experience. We do not have to change what we have, but rather preserve it and make it assessable to the international community.

NEPAD Issue 239

21 August 2008

.01 Progress on the integration of NEPAD into structures and processes of the African Union

.02 Dr. Ping at the NEPAD Secretariat

.03 Celebrating and taking-stock of CAADP after five years

.04 Food security and livelihood are Malawi

women's problems

.05 Using FIFA World Cup to promote Africa

.06 NEPAD-Spanish Fund vacancy: deadline extended

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Unrealistic leadership

How can African leaders expect first world Nations to provide financial poverty aid and to write off world dept if they continue to spend millions every month on their own luxurious lifestyles.

It is time that leaders realize that narrowing the gap between rich and poor include themselves.

NEPAD Issue 238

18 August 2008

.01 Dr. Ping visits NEPAD Secretariat

.02 African voyage of discovery will boost NEPAD action plan for fisheries

.03 Importance of intra-Africa trade in continent's

economic growth

.04 Steering committee welcome for new members


.05 Marginalised Community Action Plan – owned and supported by women


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No unity in division

When there is no unity in governance, how can it be expected from the people to unite into one rainbow nation?

When there is strife and verbal war in parliament, people live in fear and uncertainty.

When the Southern point of Africa is in strife, unity in the whole continent is threatened.

The world feels this failure of the emerging African nations to unite, and Africa looses its chance to compete with the power players of the world.

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nepad Issue 237

8 August 2008 Issue 237

.01 NEPAD says farewell to Thaninga Shope-Linney

.02 Tackling rural poverty together through NEPAD's CAADP

.03 Ancient manuscripts from Mali allowed to travel for exhibition

.04 Nigeria urged to allocate 10% of budget to agriculture

.05 NEPAD-Spanish Fund has made 42 disbursements so far

.06 NEPAD TV notice

.07 Calendar of events

.08 Contact us

.09 Mailing list

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

immature afrcan goverments

Many African politicians rule their governments like children playing a game of Monopoly


1 August 2008

Issue 236

.01 NEPAD takes the lead in finalising African fisheries strategy and new aquaculture network

.02 Helping African countries achieve their development objectives through CDSF

.03 Bid to strengthen the economic integration of West African states

.04 Steering Committee meeting on infrastructure programme

.05 NEPAD-Spanish Fund to close first call for proposals

.06 NEPAD TV notice

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