Thursday, December 15, 2011

Do not go forward looking backward

  • The Search for new ways is the most imperative problem.
  • Due to the unusualness of conditions of the future, it will be impossible to proceed by the old ways.
  • All new ones must remember this. It is the worst thing when men do not know how to escape from the old rut. It is dreadful when people approach new conditions with their old habits.
  • Just as it is impossible to open a present-day lock with a medieval key, likewise it is impossible for men with old habits to unlock the door to the future.
  • Today it did not succeed in order that tomorrow it may blossom more beautifully.
From the book 'Brotherhood', #423

Thursday, November 10, 2011

What is your global peace wish for 11-11-11?

What is your global peace wish for 11-11-11?
I know my motto is unity, but I realize that we cannot strive towards unity before we feel good about ourselves as people.

Emotionally scarred individuals are by nature self centered. So my 11-11-11 wish is that all children in the world receives the kind of emotional and educational support that will make them the best people they can be and also become proud patriotic citizens.
Only then can we strive towards unity – when we have leaders and political parties that stand together as one united body, supporting the larger cause in spite of their personality clashes.

While our politicians fight among each other, we can never have a unity government and we can never be patriotic. You cannot be patriotic to a split ideal. You cannot be patriotic to something that is weak and splits within governments waken it and in turn splits the nation.

A country that has policies that will lead to racial suppression can never be united. Before you can be united as one humanity, you need to be able to be patriotic to your nation.

Our children are our future. If we can heal those elements in our society that emotionally scar our children then we can strive towards global peace and unity.

For now: lets fight poverty, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, poor educational facilities and unqualified, emotionally scarred teachers.

Remember you have four chances to align to a global society for your world peace wish:
“11 am and 11 pm local time and then 11am and 11 pm GMT”.

Lets do our bit towards making this world a better place.

For people who do not know how to do a distance prayer alignment, it is easy. Just align (think) your highest and your best state of being then imagine you are in a space where everybody else, who are of the same thought as you, gather and continue as if you are directing the prayer session. Good luck with your first global prayer alignment. These opportunities when people all over the world gather in united prayer are rare. You are privileged to be able to do it today.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The days of just transferring money for charity from one bank account to another without any controls or supervision should be long gone

Most countries, if managed with poverty relief as the priority, can afford to feed and house their all citizens.

Before financial aid or loans are given to any country an audit should be done on government spending, financial sharing and other finance generating operations.

Why are finances being trapped within the spending reach of a few citizens while the majority starves, in so many developing countries? The answer is greed, power hunger, war or poor finance management.

Governments should put the need of the majority first and foremost, only then should they feed their greed and hunger for power. If they miss out on a few overseas trips, – so what? They can utilize video conferencing technology if need be.

A debate or conference on how to govern holistically should precede any financial aid initiative. The days of just transferring money for charity from one bank account to another without any controls or supervision should be long gone. We know that most of it goes into wages, talks and discussions, planning and expensive business trips while very little is spent on the implementation of the project.

Using some of the donated funds to employ an auditor and overseer will have a more positive effect on the poverty relief effort. Some developing countries may need training towards financial maturity.

Is it fair of any country that spend trillions on the comforts of the leaders, or on buying weapons of war, to expect financial aid from developed nations?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Educaton for all

This year’s G20, taking place in November in Cannes, France and led by President Sarkozy, represents a real opportunity to make an impact on developing countries through the creation of the Financial Transaction Tax.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Humanity needs more soul

Poverty will disappear when the poverty of soul is no longer a major issue in humanity.

While humanity remains greedy and self centered, there will be hoarding of assets by individuals and nations which will affect the distribution of wealth in the world.

All who are less influential will suffer. That does not only include those who are vulnerable in the society like the less intelligent, children and old people but it extends to other areas of existence as well. Greed and self centeredness have a draining effect and negative impact on the animal kingdom and on nature and global warming.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Ex unitate vires

We are all part of one Humanity just like each grain of sand makes out the beach. If each grain of sand acted as an individual entity, the beach would be like dust in the wind.

If every thinking person contemplates solutions instead of being driven to fear and inertia because of the enormity of the world’s problems, we can together, change the world.

It is said that you become what you think. If all thinking people strive towards peace and right human conditions we can save the world because over 50% of the world’s population are not thinkers, they are followers. They will adopt any strong thought wave that will make their lives better.
Together we can create a new reality.

- Eendrag maak mag

– Unity is strength

- Ex Unitate Vires.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Temporary displaced minoity groups

It has come to my notice how many white people are becoming homeless. They feel especially vulnerable while some militant factions in the society are singing racial hate-songs like “Kill the Boer”. New immigrants are also feeling unsafe with the latest xenophobic violence in the townships.

When we try to find someone to help these people we are told, “They fall outside our area and the shelters are overflowing". There is just no immediate help for them.

We have many open fields that cannot be regarded as nature areas because it requires lawn mowing and maintenance.

We can fence these off and utilize it for the need of the displaced people as temporary transit camps to house minority groups that will find it difficult to adjust to a squatter camp society.

There can be a rule that tents would be allowed but no permanent structures.
We know that once a structure is erected it develops into a permanent settlement that just grows out of all proportion and we are faced with the residential laws that will make relocation difficult.

By supplying a transit place for displaced people, where they can camp in safety, until the social welfare department can place them; it will deter them from joining crime syndicates or prostitute gangs in order to survive. It will also be easier or the police, welfare organizations, volunteers, soup kitchens and medical personnel to keep an eye on them.

The local churches can also become involved and the newspapers can run articles relating to the need. It will take a lot of pressure off the short staffed police force and the welfare departments.

The welfare departments are divided into areas; therefore I suggest that every welfare area have one of these camps. It will not cost much to maintain because one of the rules can be that the settlers keep the place clean and help with the maintenance and plant a camp garden that can supply fresh food for them. It will be easier to assess the problem when the homeless are all at one location.

A second hand goods shop staffed by volunteers and residents can pay for the municipal services.

These camps can be erected immediately, since they are not permanent structures and in the meantime public debate can brainstorm a permanent solution to the problem.

The need is becoming more urgent as the economic crises worsen. We are loosing the battle against time and crime.

Ex Unitate Vires.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A man's house is his castle

In upmarket neighborhoods, small families experience the need to expand their homes.

Politicians own multiple dwellings to cater for their needs. Yet in the townships people are being supplied with one and two roomed houses to cater for large and sometimes extended families.

Perhaps it is time to plan around people’s needs and customs when building low cost houses in townships. We know that six kids in a two roomed dwelling will eventually result in backyard extensions.

Since rural Africans normally live in groups and have the extended families around them and it is not unusual for colored families to have the grandparents rearing the children while the parents go out to work, we should plan building-developments around these customs.

Homes should not be built and designed according to names on a list but for real families with needs.

Healthy community and family customs should not have to exchanged for a roof over the head.

  • Design houses so that it will be strong enough to accommodate an upstairs extension.
  • Make cost price building materials available to low income families who want to extend their homes.
  • Set affordable guidelines as to the quality of building extensions, even in the townships.
  • Use green building options and the use of solar and wind energy.
  • Perhaps roof gardens could be considered to provide outdoor privacy.
  • All township developments should have sports fields and instructors to instruct the children how to play the games. (Rugby, tennis, soccer and netball or hockey) . This will encourage the children not to resort to crime, gang violence and partake in the use of drugs due to boredom.
  • Each township should have a
  1. school,
  2. sports club and a
  3. a public library,
  4. community hall and
  5. employment and adult skills developer and bureau which house also the
  6. local social welfare planner,
  7. Medical center,
  8. Animal clinic and a
  9. play park for the children.
  • Family members can be clustered together so that they can support each other.
  • Encourage homes of family members to be joined in order to create bigger living areas.
  • Each housing cluster can be built around a garden for a communal living environment.
  • Solar powered boreholes for the irrigation of the gardens.
  • An incentive could be provided by allocating a prize to the best-run garden. It could be in the form of a rate reduction for the month or something that will make the living conditions better for the group – a few chickens or something.
  • Encourage the community to police their public resources - the school, community hall, sports fields, play parks and library.
Ex Unitate Vires

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The force behind the killing of white African farmers.

Every week, according to reports, white farmers are killed on farms in Southern African countries. These farms produced food and wealth for a nation. The seized land is often divided among groups of people who can hardly sustain themselves and has a negative impact on the wealth of their nation.

The reason of the killings boils up from deep within the psyche of a continent, that for centuries evolved by killing what the inhabitants perceive as their rivals. The one who have what you want, has throughout the history of Africa, been regarded as the enemy that should be killed before the wealth can change hands.

This is the very law that kept Africa poor and in the dark. The only ones who benefited from war, were the ones who instigated and controlled the killings from their remote safe places; the ones who do not need to fight for survival become richer when the land eventually comes under their control.

Many African rulers rule by empty promises, instilling hopes and dreams that will never be realized, and the promise to defeat an enemy that is created in their minds. For many centuries the people never questioned the wealth of their leaders in comparison to their own sufferings.

The profits derived from the recovered land would only guild the lifestyles, build the castles, and increase the fleets of luxury vehicles of the politicians and governors. With every war the people become poorer, food becomes scarcer and drugs dull the agony in the minds of the youth. The rulers will buy more weapons of war to keep the people occupied by declaring enemies to give the people something to live for …. to give them hopes and dreams of a fair and free life that will never bear fruit.
The people, the fathers and mothers of the ones who fought the battles for the rich remain poor. Many Africans become casualties of war or die from starvation.

It is only since the beginning of Democracy in South Africa that the farm killings have been purely about race. Since the vision of an African brotherhood, it became difficult to find an enemy other than one of color (or no color). African rulers wanted enemies on own soil.

The white farmer “Boer” is still regarded as the enemy and for a continent whose citizens are the offspring of warriors that lived by the sword and knew only how to wipe out the enemy in order to rule, the color of the skin marks the enemy.

When the last white and brown person has been killed, and famine and poverty spins out of control, what, or whom, will they then label as an enemy to kill next?

Democracy, negotiations and conferencing – the tools of freedom and prosperity make little sense to the children of poverty.

Many Africans fail to recognize that they already swapped the loincloth for the suit, the hut for the mansion, the sword for the weapon of mass destruction and the donkey for the jet. Yet they hold onto the old ways of war. They divide when they should unite. They make war when they should embrace freedom.

Democratic ideas have not brought better lifestyles for the majority. Only the skin color of the rulers changed. The freedom to stand first in queues, sit on any bench, use public toilets and attend any school is not putting food on the table or roofs over the heads of many. The fact is that it is not democracy than keeps them in poverty but rather the lavish lifestyles of their leaders that keep the grassroots in the mud. The rulers still enrich themselves instead empowering all the citizens of the nation. They continue to measure the success of a nation by the wealth of the rulers and the might of its armed forces and not by the prosperity and happiness of all the citizens.

The principles of Democracy offer sound solutions to end poverty only when it is embraced totally by all citizens and leaders. The first world is a weak example of the power of democracy. African democratic solutions need to be implemented that will share the wealth. The voice of the thinking, educated people should rule the economy and not rulers that line their own pockets, and control the hoards of uninformed masses with empty promises. The need of the people must come before the greed of rulers.

Please note that the images in some of these albums my upset sensitive readers.
Photo Album of farm killings:
Photo album of starvation:
Photo album of war in Africa:
Photo Album of ‘sustainable living and freedom for all’.
Links relating to recent news of farm killings.

It is time that individuals work for the wealth and economy of all citizens; this should be demonstrated by the examples of those in power. They should be role models for shared wealth and patriotism.
Greed and division among any ruling body cause despair and separation among their citizens.

Recognize the people who can lead the country to prosperity and not the color of their skins. Recognize the ones who direct the ploughs that will fill the breadbasket of the nation.

Fight for education, health care, housing and skills to bring in food for the table and comforts for living. That is your right. It is the right of every citizen. The enemy is greed and unfair distribution of wealth. That is the enemy, but that is not the only enemy.
Imposed ignorance and false information is a bigger enemy still.

Everyone should be able to access the true information that can lead to right living conditions for all citizens.


Sunday, August 07, 2011

Time to give global peacekeeping organizations governing power?

Governing Africa
Young (or developing) nations have the ability to learn from the mistakes made in the history of mature nations.
Governments, like people are born, mature and ‘die’. The laws that rule the individual could be applied to governments. There are many governments today who rule without having received the right education.

In established countries individuals have the right to adult education. Governments who contravene the laws of human rights should be forced to undergo a period of education.

It is time for a global government and the drawing up of global rules of governance.

Countries that prove that they contravene the laws of basic governance should be taken over by a world government while they receive, as a whole, education in right living.

This will take time. More time than some than some developing nations have.

The famine in Somalia is not caused by drought; people are starving to death because they are ruled by a “Cowboys and Crooks” style of government, at the expense of its citizens. A government that produces more weapons of war than food must be classed as a criminal government and should be rehabilitated by force.

We see in newspapers how people die during times of warfare but we seldom see the plight of domestic and wild animals that do not understand what is happening to their environment and die in horrific circumstances.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Be part of it with your prayers and thoughts of solutions to global pro blems

The World Economic Forum (26-30 January 2011)
is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

2010 A year of shame for South Africa.

A year of shame for South Africa 2010

Perhaps we had the best parliamentary attempt ever to achieve better conditions for the people but South Africa failed miserably during 2010.

Through the FIFA Soccer World Cup offered our country a wonderful opportunity to show the world that an African country have the ability to rub shoulders with other financial world leaders.

We had the ability to become an economic powerhouse but the racial tensions, racial war songs and threats, and the unions using the world cup opportunity to highlight their own agendas for power and money, cracked the foundation of this African opportunity.

Today all Africans should morn our failure. We, as a country stuffed up the best opportunity any African country ever had to become an economic power and a natural heritage showcase for the world.

Even if we failed to gain economic trust, we had a back door through which we could promote this country with our natural heritage of fauna and flora. What did we do on that score in 2010? We sold great portions of our natural heritage and coastal land to dubious financial schemes. We allowed our ‘big five’ to dwindle and nearly become the ‘big four’ by being too laxidaisy with our low-key conservation efforts. The media did more for the conservation effort than the rulers of the country. What can we expect, there is no political leader to devote his attention purely on animals and nature. We killed baboons on Table Mountain and the in wild because the conservation department thought that managing baboons mean that they should train them to remain on the mountain without food, which is not the nature for those animals.
Even after half the mountain burned down. People shot and tortured these when they raided nearby homes for food, instead of setting up a feeding point where these animals could be fed as a tourist attraction.

It is easier to train these intelligent animals to accept one feeding point than to train them to starve and stay put. We cannot even train humans to see the bigger picture beyond the world cup opportunities, or poachers to imagine the shame of an African wildlife without rhino’s. How can we train baboons to sit still and starve for the sake of peace?

We should realize that in most third world countries there are a majority of citizens who do not have the educational maturity to see the future, global and economic consequences for their actions.
They can see only in the moment and they take the queue for their actions from their idols, which are also only their leaders until the 'illusionary bubble of personal gain' bursts.
All world politicians know how to manipulate the unthinking masses. It is in their rulebook.

The thinkers of the world should learn to look beyond results from majority votes and mass actions when a large number of a population, in any one country, belongs to poorly educated or non-thinking majority groups.