Friday, November 28, 2014



Friday, 28 November 2014
Cabinet ministers should be individuals who are nationally the most qualified in their sector of command.

The advisers (ministers) to the president of a country should be chosen from the best equip to influence the ruling of a nation.
Having the most qualified advisers could be an election incentive.
To give examples:

A minister for mining (mineral resources):
 should have the appropriate degrees and experience to run a mining operation. 
He/she should definitely be one who had experience of working conditions below and above the surface.
He/She must have experience to compete on global and national platforms.
He/She should have a good understanding of the neutralization process of mining waste and what impact it has on the environment.
He/She should be able to do an objective environmental assessment and analysis before implementing new projects, and be able to pilot or find alternative solutions to public concerns.   Too many leaders use job creation as the prime reason to push their projects.
He/she needs to be a good speaker and listener. 
He/she needs the ability to evaluate the best course of action for the present, while having an understanding of the future human, financial and environmental impact of his decisions.

He/she needs to realize that Mining is primary an operation that should create prosperity for the country where it is mined.
Proceeds of a mining operation should alleviate poverty of the whole nation and not just a region.

He needs to understand that the raw products of mining are a national asset as well as a global commodity.   We live on one earth, which we all should share.

The minister of health
 should be a qualified professor of medicine and have previous experience of being a chief medical adviser at a hospital or medical institution, either practical or educational.

He/She should have experience of handling the needs of doctors, nurses and auxiliary workers in both private and state run medical facilities.

He/She should have qualifications/experience in psychology, communication, and the medical needs of the majority citizens and those of the poor and have some interest in addressing the medical needs of all citizens.
All cabinet ministers should also have a reasonable understanding of the law, mathematics and be able to do a statistical analysis, or run pilot programs in case of public concerns.

They should be good motivational and nation building speaker who can address and take responsibility for failures.

There should be a bridging course for leaders or company executives to enable them to acquire above skills as well as training in human resource management, communication and psychology.

All leaders should run their sectors so that it creates better human conditions.
We had our share of ministers, who can only rule by blaming someone or something else, take advice from incompetent dreamers, or push their product by playing on the sentiments of the public by promising job creation.




Friday, November 21, 2014



Heal the INNER CHILD of developing countries

There are many African children and adults, who grow/grew up in militant environments. 

Some of them are politicians today. 
Some will be the leaders of tomorrow.  
They have/are militant leaders.
There roll models are/where “Freedom Fighters”.
They regard fighting for the freedom of their countries as their life's destinies.

They dream about having an enemy to kill and to follow in the footsteps of those who fight before them.

Singing war songs and songs about slaying enemies of the past helps them to seal their fate.
Their fate is one of having an enemy to fight.    

In many cases they could strip a gun, before they could recite the ABC.
Many of them never completed their schooling.

Food and personal possessions may be (where) scarce, but guns and ammunition where regarded as prized possessions. 

They would dream about owning the best assault rifles like their  worldly counterparts reamed about owning the latest cars.

When democracy came to Africa  the freedom-fighters were not prepared for peace.  

Democratic peace and possessions offered no challenge. 

The truth-commission satisfied their lust for revenge for a while, 
but they were not programmed for peace.

People became restless.   Their souls urged them to fulfill their destinies, their reason for being.   
 What does a fighter do when the fight is over?
All that life taught them was how to fight the enemy so they started to create divisions within their societies and nations. 
They separated the colors in the rainbow, because a rainbow nation includes no opportunity to  fight. 
 It was easy to make all white people and foreigners their enemy.
 Fighting them is all they knew how to do.   

In order to heal Africa we need to find ways to heal the ‘inner-child’ of the nations and its leaders.

While the inner-child of the developing world remained untreated, the seeds of peace will have to wait generations to grow.    

Only skills development education and positive leadership can heal the leaders of tomorrow.

We need to find a way to reach out to the injured ‘inner core of society’, of the world and teach them that love and forgiveness, not revenge and war lead to freedom.

Freedom is not fighting, it is embracing unity.

Only when we become world citizens can we heal the earth.

Written 3 September 2011 by Rose W and edited by EX UNITATE VIRES 21-11-2014

When your neighbor has more than you,
it does not make you poorer
Each person gets to enjoy the fruit of his/her labors
You can build your success alongside that of your neighbor,
Don't indulged in jealousy, but use your neighbor as a roll model.
Like attracts like,
You are lucky to have him/her in your environment.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

A country in debt follows a road to bondage or slavery.

A country in dept can never be a global financial leader.   Such nations can only have power in their local newspapers, but to their foreign competitors they are incompetent fools.

Borrowed money should only be a band-aid, for a very brief period, until the wound heals.

A wound that is too big to heal within the allocated time, needs surgery.
(Drastic internal strategies)

Financial drain often leaks into the pockets of top wage earners and government leaders who consider themselves financially untouchable kings.

African nations must be careful of taking a financial gift in exchange of favors.   Those favors may be invisible shackles of slavery.

Be free Africa.  Be strong Africa.    
Be governable Africa.

Owe nothing to anyone.  
Beg nothing from anyone.

Fight against theft, corruption, racism and violence.

Let the past be in the past, a lesson learned, and strive towards new lessons of the future,
 ground the vision, of the  rainbow nation, of freedom for all citizens.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

People should all be free to create their own success without being robbed of it.

The people of South Africa are not free.
While city dwellers have to live behind bars and security systems, there is no freedom.
While robbers, rapists and murderers rule the country, there is no freedom.
South Africa merely swapped the bondage of Apartheid for the bondage of crime, corruption and violence.
For something to heal there should first be the recognition of the problem.
While we live in a make-believe bubble of peace, we will never experience freedom.

We still need to fight for freedom.
We need to fight crime, corruption and violence, while we envisage the type of future we want.
We need to have a true vision what freedom is and work towards it.
If we cannot put strong boundaries around our freedom-vision where there are equal opportunities and peace for all people, then we cannot create it.

We cannot create something that we cannot envisage.

Freedom must have the same meaning for all people; otherwise, we shatter the combined effort.

South Africa should strive for that rainbow that signals the end of all bondage.

The end of the bondage of fear,
The end of the bondage of poverty and
The end of the bondage of limitation.

We should all be free to create our own success without being robbed of it.

Friday, October 10, 2014


During 2015, the eyes of the world will be on African governments.  The world will analyze statistical data relating to crime, unemployment health care, corruption and land use.

They will measure poverty, unemployment, and the gap between rich and poor.

Above all, they will analyze government spending and look at why and how donations and opportunities to make poverty history by 2015 failed.

Governments will be classified, not only by their ability to create and maintain good human relations for all citizens and their ability to handle conflict situations but also on their ability to be global partners.

Aid and donations to third world nations will not continue as before.   Governments who failed will be by passed and those who attempted to create peace and prosperity will be further boosted.

2015 will be a year of judgement for all national rulers.   

Which rulers will weigh too light?

Which leaders will be classed as incompetent fools?

Modern Tribal Africa

Tribal Africans are born soldiers (impis), being ruled by royal families.   

Africa still has to learn the laws of unity and sharing with all tribes.

Many African rulers recognize peace as something to fight for, but they use the old methods of fighting against a group of people (an enemy), instead of fighting the element of violence and unrest.

The real enemy is not the successful white South Africans.   The real enemy to fight is that what counteracts prosperity for all people.

The real enemy is an attitude of crime, corruption violence and armed robberies.

While there are guns in the hands of the public, there will always be those who feel powerful behind it.   Trigger happy cowards.

Some African politicians search past history, to find old scores to settle, in order to create an enemy. 
Conquering an enemy was the way of the past.
Some politicians feel only powerful when they can function in an atmosphere of racial hatred.   
Without an enemy, they have no governing skill.

Africa needs to move from using physical strength through war and cunning tactics in order to secure power.
The way to peace and prosperity is to developing mental strength to grow a strong economy that can overcome poverty.

African politicians need to develop real governing skills.   They need to learn how to empower all races and get them to work together.

African leaders need to acquire the tools to build the rainbow continent.

Friday, March 07, 2014

Do not die fighting for freedom - live it!

Freedom can only exist if there are no suppressors!

 If freedom and peace are not regarded as the right of all citizens,

 and not only a right for those who were previously suppressed,

today's  freedom fighters will one day become the suppressors. 

Separatism becomes a vicious circle.   

Think about it!
(Please note  this is a rewrite of a previous post )

  The three main evils in developing countries.

  1. Lack of birth control (people having more children than they can afford to feed and educate)
  2. Alcohol and drug abuse.   (People allowing substance to take over their brain control)
  3. Disrespect for fellow citizens. (Theft, abuse and corruption)



Monday, February 17, 2014

The gap between the developed and the undeveloped countries

Change can only happen when people desire it.

The difference between developed and developing countries is determined how intelligent their decision-making processes are and their ability to manage their human resource.

Babies can not walk before they have learned how to roll over or sit up in their cradles.    
The maturity of leaders can be judged on how they are able to put their country or community's needs above their own.  
The old king-and-castle leaders are being seen as exploiters who feather their own nests at the expense of  their citizens. 
The first world expects their leaders to  promote their country as a powerful global co-operative player.   They see themselves as group players with their leaders the captains of their team.

Responsibility and control are two elements of maturity.

A self diagnoses of the maturity of the citizens in a region or an organization can be measured by the way they behave during strike action or protest actions:

A mature group will respect the right and possessions of other.
They will be non-violent.
They will not degrade their community or country.
They will not derail the country's opportunity to achieve or grow financially strong. (Strike action during global sporting of conferencing events)
They will not 'cut their noses to spite their faces' by burning down libraries or schools because they want a better education.
They will not ask the government to fix toilets or broken windows in schools before trying to do it themselves or by asking for help from the community first.
They will not steal from hospitals or institutions that is there to aid those in need.
Nurses will not desert those in their care to strike for more wages.
A first world country know how to maintain roads or public buildings.    Lack of maintenance is a sign of immaturity and in most cases not of poverty.
The gap between the living styles of leaders and citizens is another measure for financial abuse.

This post seems unnecessary for those who have the ability to think for themselves, but there are so many people in developing countries who are still using their combined power destructively.   The problem is that they are being driven by self centered leaders who should have more integrity.