Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Do not get trapped in the web of past pain.

   Freedom can only truly be granted if there are no suppressors


If freedom and peace is not regarded as the right of all citizens,

 and not only a right for those who were previously suppressed, 

today's  freedom fighters will one day be the suppressors.  

Separatism becomes a vicious circle.    

Think about it!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Calculate a country's debt to a Global Save The Planet fund

Reasons why many countries are not supporting climate change initiatives are based on a perception of their economical viability.  Today we are recognizing the global financial crises and the extinction of certain animals because they lost their habitat.   Most countries are yet to seriously considering the extinction of humanity due to the loss of the planet.

The debt owed by a country to a “Save the planet fund” could be calculated using some criteria for example by:
The population of a country,
The percentage of green space
Money spent on saving the planet.
Percentage of waste produced by industry.
The use of fuel for transport etc.
The quality of the water supply.
The financial status of a country should not come into the calculation because starvation is not a reason for destroying a planet.

A mathematical calculation of a country’s debt to the ‘global planet fund’ can be reduced by changing the criteria that pushes it up.
·         Slow down the population growth,
·         purify water,
·         reduce dependence on fuel,
·          Recycle waste etc.
·         Preserve nature.



What cost to the planet, what cost to humanity.
What negative impact on the global financial crises.
What burning of wealth that could be used to end global poverty?
What chaos within the animal world?
What mockery of religion?
What silliness war is!
Weapons of war are toys for boys which they use like live video games that have no purpose.
Where is responsibility?
Where is love?
Where is peace and freedom?
Not in war!!
The last world war did not solve the Jewish problem as was the original intention.
The last world war did not unite Europe; it only erected walls of separation that took decades to break down.
When will humanity learn that war only delays peace and right living conditions?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


It is unlikely that top level wages will be frozen voluntarily because the ones who have to vote on it are those who earn the big bucks.    Invariably cost cutting will be done from the bottom up while executives jet around the world and stay in luxury hotels.

A possible solution is to implement gap narrowing wage strategies.     There will then be no cause for workers to strike for better wages.

This can be done by increasing the wages at the bottom by a higher percentage than those at the top until there is an even percentage difference between various grades of workers.  
Top earners may get 10% wage increases, while middle earners gets 15% wage increases, and bottom earners 20%.    Pensions and unemployment funds need to be adjusted accordingly.

By using inflationary rate wage and salary increases the top earners can have their wages increased to the latest inflation figures.   Middle earners by 1.5 times the inflation rate and the bottom earners double the inflation rate until there is an even percentage difference between various grades of workers.  

Top jobs can be cut by degrading the post when the worker leaves or retires.

The unemployment pay outs and government pensions need to be adjusted to the same level as the average job entry level with a tax free option to earn an extra income of double that amount.
Too often the government employers receive wage increases while pensioners are left out or receive increases at a much lower percentage.   It has become impossible to survive on a government pension.

All pensioners who rely on a government pension should receive their rates and taxes for free if they owned their home for ten years or more before retirement.
It is unfair to force a pensioner out of the home they live in.   The money can be redeemed by the social welfare department after the death of the pensioner by selling the home.   

It should be the responsibility of the government to make sure its citizens joins the workforce.     

It is suggested that any age pensioner who feels that he can no longer pay for his rates and taxes should be able to sign his house or farm over to the municipality after his demise and that of his spouse and handicapped dependents in exchange for free municipal services and rates as long as they occupy the home.    Should he rent the house out and move to a nursing home the rates freeze should be lifted but the house will become the property of the municipality after their deaths.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Teach the teacher how to teach.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

By giving a child better life skills and knowledge, we empower the next generation of teachers and learners.
By training teachers to teach life skills and mathematics we empower this generation of students and teachers as well as the next.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


We have more people who need to be behind bars than bars to put them behind.

Perhaps all prisons should be replaced with rehabilitation facilities.   That should not mean that prisoners are released earlier, but while being isolated from the society, they should be able to generate an income that will cover the cost of their confinement.   In this way they can learn a skill and when it is time for them to leave the prison they will be an asset to their chosen field of employment.   A portion of their earnings can go towards creating employment when they are released, as well as towards an unemployment- and pension fund.
In other words prisons should be attached to technical colleges, welfare organizations and industrial work facilities.

A prison should be a place where people can heal and become accepted members of a society.

Everyone deserves a second chance, but in order to make it work, they need to do it differently the second time round.    It will be easier to do that if they have new skills.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

When strike action turns to war action we do not need bulldogs with rubber teeth.

When strikers use live ammunition, or other weapons to inflict bodily harm, they are no longer strikers.   They have crossed the line and became terrorists.?

The minute a striker arms him/her self with a weapon or a fire lighter he/she should receive the confrontation given to any terrorist world wide.

Having said that, we need to address the real reason behind the violence.
The buck stops with the politicians.  

There should be a rule of as to how much company executives may earn as compared to the workers.  There should be an even gap between all ranks or earners, from the bottom up.    (Say a 15% increase in earnings between all grades and not 5% at the lower end and 600% at the top)

Neither should the earnings of workers (and executives)  be fixed, but should be determined according to the profitability of the mine or company.   Earnings should be based of net profits.   It could be high – low – or nothing, but the same rule should apply to all workers and executives.

It is time that the gap between glut and starvation is addressed.

Unfortunately it can not be done by reigning politicians because they will not be willing to give up their luxurious lifestyles.  This is something the country will have to vote for and it is something only a new parliament can implement across the board.

The best we can do, for now,  is to run a few pilot initiatives, just to test this new fairer profit driven even-gap system.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

The earth crossed the line of sustainability!

At this time, when we are nearing the 2015 initiative to make poverty history,
the increasing unsustainable growth of humanity is squashing that dream of ever being realized.

Seventy five percent of the human population is struggling to survive.

There simply are not enough resources to continue feeding the world at the current poverty crises rate;
Let alone when poverty is history and everyone can financially afford to buy food.

Humanity has to reduce its birth rate and strive for a zero population growth.

There is not enough space on earth to grow food to end hunger without destroying
our natural resources that is already at unsustainable level.   

There is an urgency to address two main problems.
1.    The glut among high earners and
2.    The birth rate of the poverty-stricken masses.

We need to strive for only live child per woman.

Every birth should consciously be planned and every child should have the right to enjoy all that the earth and her environment has to offer. 

It is time that we are educated to become responsible for the space we occupy on earth.

The power of the future should be in our hands.

Have you ever thought how much fish the world harvest from the sea for human consumption each day



Sunday, July 29, 2012

People need to be proud of their herritage.

The Afrikaner will always be proud to be an Afrikaner, no matter what nickname is given to him.  Few will cry "racist" because someone called him a "whity", "rock spider","boer" or anything else.  Afrikaners are proudly Afrikaans, generally.
The Jew also is a proud race regardless of how much the world hated them at times.
Germans are proud to be Germans even though they were the enemies during the last world war.
The Australians were once a bunch of criminals sent into exile.   They are a proud nation and embrace their past.  

Why can Africans not be proudly African?
Why can the black majority not be proudly black?
Why is calling someone "black" regarded as a crime?

Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that African politicians spend too much time jet setting around the world and spend too little effort in uplifting the plight of ordinary people.

Perhaps the biggest cleavages in Africa are not between different shades of skin color, but lies in the fact  that the black African is a divided race.
They still cling to the "Upstairs - downstairs" policies that first world nations abandoned many decades ago.

Does the politicians, who walk among the shacks for their photo shoots really feel equal to the poverty stricken people they try to impress?

Friday, July 27, 2012

A government divided can not achieve unity.

A government who divides can not unite the nation.

Education, sport and intermarriage are ways by which unity, within a nation, can be fostered.    Unity means that all citizens strive towards prosperity and right human relations within a society.   A government divided or a government who empowers one race, or group of people suppresses another and can never achieve unity among the citizens.
While there is a gap between the lifestyles of the rich and that of the poor, there is division.   All people should be able to experience the best of what the country has to offer.

Citizens deserve to be able to afford the experience of their own culture and heritage.

Being able to visit the heritage sites, see wildlife in their natural environment or visit landmarks like “The top of Table Mountain", should be within the financial reach of all local citizens.  It is our birthright.   Often foreigners see more of a country than the local population simply because they cannot afford the entrance or transport fees

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Who is going to teach the teachers how to teach?

 Will teachers be taught how to teach?

A child’s education should provide him with the tools to overcome poverty as well as how to be a wise financial manager.
 Education should teach the history of minority groups and foster patriotism and pride for his heritage.
 Education should bring out the best in every child.

There are some questions that requires answers: 

Can teachers whose main interest is to earn a salary at the end of the month and who regard teaching as a battle to survive from one payday to the next do that?
Who is going to teach the teachers how to teach?
 How do one get rid of the deadwood within our education departments, how does one fill the gap when they leave?
A child’s education should provide him with the tools to overcome poverty as well as how to be a wise financial manager.   Education should teach the history of minority groups and foster patriotism and pride for his heritage. Education should bring out the best in every child.   Can teachers whose main interest is to earn a salary at the end of the month and who regard teaching as a battle to survive from one payday to the next do that?   Who is going to teach the teachers how to teach?   How do one get rid of the deadwood within our education departments, how does one fill the gap when they leave?

Education for peace

My prayer for this month is that children in the world receive the education needed to empower him/her to develop their best potential.   It is through education that we will understand each other better so that we can end war making and create a society of peace.
If you share this prayer, please distribute it, in your own words, together with your own thoughts on it, through your social media.
May this prayer grow and live.
Thursday, July 19, 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012

Responsible Citizenship

Educate the communities on how to appreciate joint recreational and educational facilities.
Too much money is wasted on trying to uplift communities without pre-education, supervision and maintenance. The community can be motivated to become proud, responsible citizens.

Everybody have cell phones. It is easy to teach people how to report irregularities. It is easy to send an SMS with the registration of a vehicle that violates the community rights. Teach people how to video a criminal activity or suspicious person and send it to the local police station. SMS messages to the police or emergency services should be free for registered cell phone users.
The police should have a big enough database to store these observations for a number of years.

If a soccer field looks like a wasteland, then the community will use it as such.

Where there is community pride and responsibility, there will be less crime.

Sporting activities are one way to engender pride among local citizens.
A community hall where educational and informative meetings and activities for the jobless can be conducted should be built in every community. Build vandal-proof structures if possible and employ all rounder watchmen who can also be cleaners and maintenance workers.

Our leaders are receiving too high salaries it should be sliced to provide community infrastructures. When the difference between top wage earners and bottom wage earners (and pensioners) are more than 15,000% (R1, 500,000+ and R1, 000-) there is something rotten in a society.