Thursday, October 21, 2010

If only BEE could be like a bee

The strongest quality of a bee is its ability to work united as a group. They work for the empowerment of the hive and not one sector within the swarm.

Once can say that a bee colony demonstrates unity.

If only the BEE policies in South Africa can strive towards unity, but that is not possible when one group of people is being empowered AT THE EXPENSE of the other.

Methods of empowerment that will empower all people in need and strengthen the economy would bring the “make poverty history” campaign closer to reality.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Management of mineral wealth

A country’s mineral wealth management should not only involve moving the profits from the hands of foreign investors into the hands of a chosen few black investors. That is why BEE failed in the first place.

Any change in financial policies, relating to mineral wealth, should:

  • Encourage global participation,
  • Improve the economy and
  • Pour the bulk of the mineral-wealth profit into building a strong social welfare system that can create employment and better lifestyles for all locally born citizens of a region.

No one country can be expected to feed and house the whole of Africa, but local resources of all African countries should translate to:
  • A better lifestyle for the local population,
  • Preservation of the African heritage and
  • The protection of the local Animal population.

Africa is a rich continent and its most valuable assets do not lie underground but is:
  • The diversity of life forms;
  • Unique vegetation;
  • Diversity of people and cultures;
That makes Africa the last paradise on earth.