Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Calculate a country's debt to a Global Save The Planet fund

Reasons why many countries are not supporting climate change initiatives are based on a perception of their economical viability.  Today we are recognizing the global financial crises and the extinction of certain animals because they lost their habitat.   Most countries are yet to seriously considering the extinction of humanity due to the loss of the planet.

The debt owed by a country to a “Save the planet fund” could be calculated using some criteria for example by:
The population of a country,
The percentage of green space
Money spent on saving the planet.
Percentage of waste produced by industry.
The use of fuel for transport etc.
The quality of the water supply.
The financial status of a country should not come into the calculation because starvation is not a reason for destroying a planet.

A mathematical calculation of a country’s debt to the ‘global planet fund’ can be reduced by changing the criteria that pushes it up.
·         Slow down the population growth,
·         purify water,
·         reduce dependence on fuel,
·          Recycle waste etc.
·         Preserve nature.



What cost to the planet, what cost to humanity.
What negative impact on the global financial crises.
What burning of wealth that could be used to end global poverty?
What chaos within the animal world?
What mockery of religion?
What silliness war is!
Weapons of war are toys for boys which they use like live video games that have no purpose.
Where is responsibility?
Where is love?
Where is peace and freedom?
Not in war!!
The last world war did not solve the Jewish problem as was the original intention.
The last world war did not unite Europe; it only erected walls of separation that took decades to break down.
When will humanity learn that war only delays peace and right living conditions?