Monday, December 15, 2008


12 December 2008
Issue 255

  • .01 President Museveni promises investors free landin Uganda
  • .02 Africa needs “smart” fertilizers using efficient nutrients
  • .03 Keeping a check on budget allocations to agriculture
  • .04 Finland and South Africa join to develop biosciences
  • .05 Africa's NERICA expert advises Jamaica to grow its own rice
  • .06 Farmers want to be equal partners, conference told
  • .07 Involving African universities in the development agenda
  • .08 NEPAD Secretariat new address
  • .09 Calendar of events
  • .10 Contact us
  • .11 Mailing list

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Friday, December 05, 2008


5 December 2008

Issue 254

  • .01 SADC regional workshop focuses on NEPAD implementation
  • .02 Press report on integration of NEPAD structures into AU
  • .03 Host agreement highlights legal and diplomatic status of NEPAD as an AU office
  • .04 Workshop aim is to improve science reporting in Africa
  • .05 While some countries in Africa have improved, others have regressed
  • .06 Nigeria looks at promoting tourism
  • .07 Liberia embraces CAADP for its agriculture development
  • .08 How high food prices increase the risk of HIV
  • .09 Conservation agriculture as an answer to rising food prices
  • .10 NEPAD and CIMMYT look at how they can work together
  • .11 Calendar of events
  • .12 Contact us
  • .13 Mailing list

Saturday, November 29, 2008

NEPAD Dialogue 253

NEPAD Dialogue 253
28 November 2008
Issue 253

  • .01 Nigeria investing $85-million to boost local rice production
  • .02 Status report on NEPAD submarine cable and e-Schools
  • .03 Terrestrial broadband study begins after a year-long delay
  • .04 Caterers lose out on school-feeding contracts
  • .05 Uganda agrees on need to spend more to meet CAADP goals
  • .06 US grants to strengthen African higher education institutions
  • .07 Calendar of events
  • .08 Contact us
  • .09 Mailing list

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


21 November 2008
Issue 252

  • .01 Africa, G8 and OECD identify actions to keep Africa on growth track despite global downturn
  • .02 Fertilizer has key role in Africa's future – and the NEPAD vision
  • .03 West Africa wants to develop its agricultural trade
  • .04 NEPAD has now trained more than 250 journalists
  • .05 NEPAD delegation for rice forum
  • .06 Reducing hunger and improving nutrition through CAADP
  • .07 Talks on Africa's fisheries policy
  • .08 Africa aquaculture research offer
  • .09 Calendar of events
  • .10 Contact us
  • .11 Mailing list

Sunday, November 16, 2008

NEPAD Dialogue 251

14 November 2008

Issue 251


.01 Key role for African media to focus on agriculture and CAADP
.02 COMESA Ministers spell out action on climate change
.03 Parliamentarians told they must be involved on climate change
.04 Nigeria looks to boost its local rice production
.05 Finance help for Kenya's small farmers and SMEs
.06 NEPAD-Spanish Fund at work on women's project in Gambia
.07 Zambia sees great potential with its NEPAD programmes
.08 Calendar of events
.09 Contact us
.10 Mailing list

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Saturday, November 08, 2008


7 November 2008

Issue 250

  • .01 Boost for fisheries governance and trade through NEPAD-led Pan-African partnership
  • .02 Nigeria's major problems: loss of forests and spreading desert
  • .03 CAADP sensitisation workshop for African agricultural journalists
  • .04 Forum seeks faster implementation of SADC/NEPAD programmes
  • .05 Tragic death of Stephen Nkabyo
  • .06 We say “sorry” to Neville Gabriel
  • .07 Calendar of events
  • .08 Contact us
  • .09 Mailing list

Saturday, November 01, 2008

NEPAD DIALOGUE Online Weekly 249

31 October 2008

Issue 249

.01 EAC, SADC,COMESA to merge into African Economic Community
.02 International effort to speed the action on CAADP agenda
.03 CAADP leader honoured for his work to overcome poverty
.04 Validation of 2007 agriculture expenditure tracking system
.05 Kenya targets 10pc for agriculture
.06 DBSA wins "best bank" award
.07 Trade agreements said to harm Ghana's agriculture sector
.08 NEPAD education and culture indaba is important for Africa
.09 Calendar of events
.10 Contact us
.11 Mailing list

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24 October 2008

| Issue 248

.01 UN underlines commitment to AU-NEPAD priority programmes
.02 General Assembly delegates speak out in support of NEPAD
.03 Africa's Mining Vision puts pressure on development of mineral resources
.04 Billions of dollars lost by marine fishing could be saved
.05 First Peer Review Summit will be a milestone for Nigeria, Burkina Faso
.06 NEPAD Nigeria gears up for more effective delivery of its mandate
.07 Africa celebrates 50 years of ECA
.08 Calendar of events
.09 Contact us
.10 Mailing list

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Issue 247

17 October 2008

.01 Africa’s partners must not renege on development support
.02 Sierra Leone kick-starts its efforts on CAADP implementation
.03 Key support for NEPAD-FAO fish farming programme for Africa
.04 African template for EPAs is endorsed – with recommendations
.05 Using Africa's mineral resources for broad-based development
.06 Uganda prepares for action with a national development plan
.07 NEPAD Nigeria puts focus on agriculture to solve food crisis
.08 Calendar of events
.09 Contact us
.10 Mailing list

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Divided We Fall - South Africa

In their attempts to unite, the South African government created divisions on every level of society.

The new ANC pledges to create better living conditions for all people, yet the first governmental decision after splitting the parliament was to give themselves salary increases, thereby widening the gasp between rich and poor.

Top governmental wage earners will now earn far over one million rand per year while the bottom feeders live on less than one thousand rand per month.

If South Africa cannot get its act together, what hope is there for the rest of Africa?

Yet, we need to hope that their eyes will open.

Monday, October 13, 2008


10 October 2008

Issue 246

  • .01 As daily life improves at the grassroots NEPAD is there
  • .02 Developing agriculture through sharing experiences
  • .03 Peer Review goals seen as key to making Nigeria top African economy
  • .04 Strategy of AU/NEPAD outlined at Zululand University
  • .05 Malawi says NEPAD initiative of “paramount importance”
  • .06 African Union to lead new drive to implement CAADP
  • .07 African conference speaks up for rights and needs of the disabled
  • .08 Calendar of events

  • .01 Women's Action for Development (WAD) trainees learn the art of mushroom growing at the University

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3 October 2008

Issue 245

  • .01 AU chief calls for more CAADP financing and fast-tracking
  • .02 World leaders take stock of Africa's development through NEPAD
  • .03 NEPAD and partners put final touches to the CAADP Guide
  • .04 Namibia ready for a key role in NEPAD
  • .05 NEPAD launches science and technology initiative in Malawi – Africa's 19th country to sign up
  • .06 Ghana's President tells UN about development, good governance and democracy
  • .07 New JICA will handle Japanese development assistance
  • .08 Workshop announcement
  • .09 Calendar of events

Friday, September 26, 2008

Nepad Dialogue

26 September 2008
Issue 244

  • .01 New President of South Africa takes over from Thabo Mbeki
  • .02 Ethiopia launches CAADP -- “one of NEPAD's most important activities”
  • .03 COMESA-NEPAD setting up regional fisheries and aquaculture strategy
  • .04 NEPAD involved in new socially responsible investment index for Africa
  • .05 UN call for “resolute leadership”
  • .06 Lesotho urges African countries to actively support NEPAD programmes
  • .07 NEPAD mourns with Zambia on death of Dr. Mwanawasa
  • .08 Request for tenders
  • .09 Calendar of events
  • .10 Contact us
  • .11 Mailing list

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Monday, September 22, 2008


19 September 2008
Issue 243

  • .01 Work starts on NEPAD submarine cable to be readyfor FIFA 2010
  • .02 Kenya prepares to launch progress report onPeer Review activities
  • .03 Integrating NEPAD into Lesotho's national programmes
  • .04 Call for experts and consultants
  • .05 Request for tenders
  • .06 Calendar of events
  • .07 Contact us
  • .08 Mailing list

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


12 September 2008

  • .01 NEPAD steps up direct engagements with its strategic partners
  • .02 NEPAD broadens stakeholder understanding of its African evelopment agenda
  • .03 South African university focuses on NEPAD's CAADP, food security and reducing hunger
  • .04 Kenya adopts NEPAD's capacity development strategy to address national issues
  • .05 Aid - who accounts to whom and on whose terms?
  • .06 Calendar of events
  • .07 Contact us
  • .08 Mailing list

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Sunday, September 07, 2008


29 August 2008

  • .01 Top-level AU meeting to fast-track NEPAD's agriculture programme
  • .02 Stirring words to new members of the NEPAD Steering Committee
  • .03 Uganda moves forward on its sustainable land management investment framework
  • .04 Zululand students' learning tour of NEPAD Secretariat
  • .05 More beneficiaries from the NEPAD-Spanish Fund
  • .06 Calendar of events

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5 September 2008

  • .01 NEPAD Steering Committee discusses key issues
  • .02 NEPAD activities for capacity building developmentin Africa
  • .03 NEPAD calls on African countries to fast-trackaction on CAADP
  • .04 Putting the NEPAD-Spanish Fund to workfor women in Kenya
  • .05 Reminder to beneficiaries of NEPAD-Spanish Fund
  • .06 Calendar of events

Tuesday, September 02, 2008



29 August 2008

Issue 240

.01 Top-level AU meeting to fast-track NEPAD's agriculture programme

.02 Stirring words to new members of the NEPAD Steering Committee

.03 Uganda moves forward on its sustainable land management investment framework

.04 Zululand students' learning tour of NEPAD Secretariat

.05 More beneficiaries from the NEPAD-Spanish Fund

.06 Calendar of events

.07 Contact us

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Saturday, August 23, 2008


African Tourism.

International tourism will support any country that can provide a safe, crime free, African experience.

Tourists want to experience African nature in all its facets. They do not come to Africa to experience the luxuries of London and New York. They come to Africa for an African experience. We do not have to change what we have, but rather preserve it and make it assessable to the international community.

NEPAD Issue 239

21 August 2008

.01 Progress on the integration of NEPAD into structures and processes of the African Union

.02 Dr. Ping at the NEPAD Secretariat

.03 Celebrating and taking-stock of CAADP after five years

.04 Food security and livelihood are Malawi

women's problems

.05 Using FIFA World Cup to promote Africa

.06 NEPAD-Spanish Fund vacancy: deadline extended

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Unrealistic leadership

How can African leaders expect first world Nations to provide financial poverty aid and to write off world dept if they continue to spend millions every month on their own luxurious lifestyles.

It is time that leaders realize that narrowing the gap between rich and poor include themselves.

NEPAD Issue 238

18 August 2008

.01 Dr. Ping visits NEPAD Secretariat

.02 African voyage of discovery will boost NEPAD action plan for fisheries

.03 Importance of intra-Africa trade in continent's

economic growth

.04 Steering committee welcome for new members


.05 Marginalised Community Action Plan – owned and supported by women


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No unity in division

When there is no unity in governance, how can it be expected from the people to unite into one rainbow nation?

When there is strife and verbal war in parliament, people live in fear and uncertainty.

When the Southern point of Africa is in strife, unity in the whole continent is threatened.

The world feels this failure of the emerging African nations to unite, and Africa looses its chance to compete with the power players of the world.

(Original post)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nepad Issue 237

8 August 2008 Issue 237

.01 NEPAD says farewell to Thaninga Shope-Linney

.02 Tackling rural poverty together through NEPAD's CAADP

.03 Ancient manuscripts from Mali allowed to travel for exhibition

.04 Nigeria urged to allocate 10% of budget to agriculture

.05 NEPAD-Spanish Fund has made 42 disbursements so far

.06 NEPAD TV notice

.07 Calendar of events

.08 Contact us

.09 Mailing list

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

immature afrcan goverments

Many African politicians rule their governments like children playing a game of Monopoly


1 August 2008

Issue 236

.01 NEPAD takes the lead in finalising African fisheries strategy and new aquaculture network

.02 Helping African countries achieve their development objectives through CDSF

.03 Bid to strengthen the economic integration of West African states

.04 Steering Committee meeting on infrastructure programme

.05 NEPAD-Spanish Fund to close first call for proposals

.06 NEPAD TV notice

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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Africa just a late bloomer

When one considers the early American history in relation to slavery and the Indians, it seems that what is happening in Africa today, has been enacted in American history.

The leaders of first world countries should understand and guide African leaders in their policy making efforts, and not just accuse and punish them.

However any loose cannon should be deactivated.

It may be too much to expect an inexperienced African leader, or one who do not have the support of his own cabinet, to be in a position of global policy making.

The maturity of African leadership should be reflected in a fall in the unemployment rate and the steady increased economical growth.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


25 July 2008

Issue 235

.01 CAADP now seen as historic step in Africa's development

.02 NEPAD-Spanish Fund support for women of Namibia

.03 NEPAD's seconded officials are going home

.04 Great Green Wall across the Sahara desert

.05 Vacancy for CEO of the NEPAD Secretariat

.06 More disbursements from NEPAD-Spanish Fund

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008



18 July 2008

Issue 234

.01 NBF independent from NEPAD Secretariat

.02 World experts discuss role of distance education in achieving Africa's development goals

.03 Distance education must be indigenous-grounded, says Professor Mboya

.04 NEPAD's CAADP is key in Africa's response to high food prices

.05 Malawi looks at ways to speed up NEPAD priority programmes

.06 NEPAD urges journalists to keep updated on Africa

.07 NEPAD-Spanish Fund beneficiaries urged to comply with rules

.08 NEPAD TV notice

.09 Calendar of events

.10 Contact us (mhtml:mid://00000181/#contact)

.11 Mailing list (mhtml:mid://00000181/#list)

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

African governments are fighting a loosing battle.

No African government can hope to bring peace and stability to their countries until all African countries adopt regimes of peaceful democracy.

As soon as one country prosper, a tide of displaced people stream over its borders drowning its success with an ever growing need for housing, food and employment.

South Africa is an example. South Africa would have been on target to make poverty a history, but with millions of displaced people from neighboring countries, she will be lucky if she can avoid civil war.

There are two solutions.

Bring peace to all African countries. Many displaced people will return to their country of origin when peace and prosperity returns.

Create temporary kraals with opportunities for displaced people to become self sufficient, without draining the resources of their newly adopted country.

We need a RED CROSS that will go into displaced people's kraals and teach them self-empowerment skills. Skills they can take back to their own countries when peace returns

(original post from

Loosing the globe

(original post from

The Bush government rejected regulating greenhouse gasses.

The argument is that it will damage the economy and cause too many job losses.

Since the leading nations are roll models for others to follow, I guess we will loose the globe now

Tuesday, July 15, 2008



11 July 2008 |
Issue 233

.01 NEPAD Secretariat and AfDB discuss closer collaboration
.02 SADC Marine Fisheries Ministers agree to fight illegal fishing
.03 G8 leaders zero in on food security in Africa
.04 Ghana-NEPAD silver medal for the private sector
.05 NEPAD-Spanish Fund: still waiting for documentation
.06 NEPAD TV notice
.07 Calendar of events
.08 Contact us
.09 Mailing list

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008


4 July 2008

Issue 232

.01 International meeting looks for “uniquely African”

Green Revolution

.02 NEPAD and African Bank to strengthen collaboration on fisheries sector development

.03 AfDB’s NEPAD department gets new director

.04 Chairman outlines reforms to boost performance of the AU Commission

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27 June 2008

Issue 231

.01 Donors increase financial support for NEPAD infrastructure facility

.02 Experts map way forward for Second Decade of Education for Africa

.03 Indigenous focus is vital for African Renaissance in education

.04 NEPAD-Spanish Fund support for women in Ethiopia

.05 NEPAD-Spanish Fund: call to acknowledge receipt

.06 NEPAD TV schedule

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Chessboard South african Chinese

It is a shame that Chinese South African citizens have to go to court to ask to be classified black so that they can get fair and equal business opportunities. What happened to "One rainbow Nation"?
When will the black clouds subside so we can experience that rainbow?

During the apartheid era the Chinese wanted to be white, now they want to be black. Why can we not just all be people and get on with running a prosperous country. It is embarrassing all this racial ducking and diving.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The African dilemma

If the world lets the Zimbabwean government get away with dictatorship, threats like "Killing for Zuma" gains much more power, and human rights in Africa will only be a pipe dream.

Nepad Issue 231

27 June 2008

Issue 231

.01 Donors increase financial support for NEPAD infrastructure facility
.02 Experts map way forward for Second Decade of Education for Africa
.03 Indigenous focus is vital for African Renaissance in education

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What freedom is there in dictatorship?


Perhaps it is time to stop blaming white rule, slavery, apartheid and other foreign interventions for problems in Africa. – (However not implying that they are blameless)

Today people are leaving the homelands for the cities to live in bricks and mortar environments introduced by foreign intervention in Africa.

The majority of Africans choose a European standard of living.

There are a few interesting points that can be pondered on in respect to American / European domination in Africa.

What percentage of descendants of African (slaves) Americans wishes to make Africa their home, today?

What was the economy in any African country like during earlier European rule compared to African rule today?

How did the crime statistics compare to that of today?

How did the living standards of ordinary people compare?

Perhaps freedom fighters; all over the world should take some responsibility for situations in Africa, today.

What freedom is there in dictatorship?

A non-racist society should not care about the color of the skin of their ruler but that of his / her capability to improve the economy and living standards of all the people in the country. "Freedom" is not swapping from white to black, that is only "exchange".

Saturday, June 21, 2008

NEPAD Issue 230

20 June 2008
Issue 230
01 Uganda evaluates its e-Schools program and recommends improvements on the way forward
02 The NEPAD e-Schools Initiative
03 NEPAD e-Africa Commission project progress is hailed
04 Japan's contribution of hope and opportunities for the African continent


NEPAD Issue 229

13 June 2008

01 Vacancy: Chief Executive, NEPAD
02 “Historic moment”: first meeting to integrate NEPAD into AU
03 East Africa gets action plan for Sub-Regional NEPAD Secretariat
04 NEPAD promotes science initiative to save Africa's soils
05 Kenya APRM goes to the people for their input

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Give Mr mbeke time to solve problems on the home front

It may be unfair to expect Mr Mbeke, the South African prime minister, to be a mediator in the Zimbabwean crisis, while he needs to focus all his attention on the local issues.

At home, in South Africa, the policy of non-interference will not work. Diplomats must show that they are people of action when it comes to resolving problems also.


Transit camps, away from residential areas are the safest solution. This may buy time, to find the opportunity to reach a workable solution

The real culprit is the system


South Africa is faced with a major problem that stemmed from her policy to embrace refugees from other impoverished African countries, while the majority of South Africans live under the bread line. The latest price hikes just compounded the problem, leading to anger, frustration, and Xenophobia.

The South Africans blame illegal and legal immigrants of taking jobs away from them. This is in essence true.

One can hardly blame them from evicting these people from their communities.

The real culprit is a system that allowed this to happen and giving poor native South Africans no hope of ever getting out of poverty.

The latest price hikes was the cherry on the cake --. The straw that broke the camel’s back.

Sunday, June 08, 2008


Refugee solution.

With proper management refugees need not be a drain on the economy.

Perhaps all current South African illegal immigrants should be classified as refugees.

They are in essence refugees in our country regardless of the situations in their native countries.

Perhaps a large unused farm could be turned into a permanent township for displaced people, where their individual skills can be utilized to become self sufficient as a group of people. Skills sharing and educational programmers can empower these people to become self sufficient when they return to their country of origin.

Permanent foreign residents who choose to integrate into the communities should be given the choice to do so.

One cannot expect our country to feed them forever. We have our own poor that need our help.

If dignity is restored among the displaced people, and their lives return to some form of permanence, (until the situation in their own countries return to normal) healing can begin.

Crime of any kind should not be tolerated by immigrants or displaced people. The penalty for such crime should be immediate deportation, regardless of the situation in their country of origin. This may prevent such a township from being turned into headcounters for crime syndicates that feed on the vulnerable and needy.

Original post from Simonye Cape Town


6 June 2008

Issue 228

01 "Green Revolution" aims to double Africa's rice production in the next 10 years

02 Food crisis is hurting but Africa reacts swiftly through CAADP

03 Scaling up the action on land management and desertification

04 African Ministers to discuss NEPAD Environment Plan

05 Prof. represents South Africa on the NEPAD Steering Committee

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Friday, May 30, 2008


30 May 2008


Issue 227

01 NEPAD chief launches the New Africa Rice Initiative at international conference in Japan

02 NEPAD CAADP progress briefing for key stakeholders at TICADIV

03 Partners urged to increase their role in Africa's efforts against high food, fuel prices

04 NEPAD advisor to head regional office of the World Conservation Union

05 International presidency for Professor Nkuhlu

06 Looking for Africa's Women in Science

07 Competition for young professionals in science

08 NEPAD-Spanish Women's Fund

09 NEPAD TV schedule


Sunday, May 25, 2008

NEPAD NEWSLETTER MAY 2008 - issue 226

23 May 2008

Issue 226

01 Africa Day messages from the AU and NEPAD

02 NEPAD chief talks about key action priorities with United Nations development group in Vienna

03 NEPAD workshop search for ways to help African countries to solve their food problems

04 Progress with CAADP to be discussed in Japan

05 Strengthening the links between Canada, NEPAD and the AU

06 NEPAD-Spanish Fund call for completed documents

07 NEPAD TV schedule

08 Calendar of events

09 Contact us

10 Mailing list

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


25 May 2008


Issue 225

.01 NEPAD looks at African agriculture for answers to crisis problems of high food prices

.02 Pan-African Parliament views on Africa's food crisis

.03 NEPAD conference shows the way to promote tourism in Africa

.04 South African diplomats visit NEPAD Secretariat

.05 Trainee journalists learn about NEPAD and its programmes

.06 Celebrating with Ethiopia

.07 More disbursements from the NEPAD-Spanish Women's Fund

.08 NEPAD TV schedule

.09 Calendar of events

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Children with guns

Perhaps Robert Mugabe is a great old man, but has been going senile steadily for a long time. Like so many other old people, he reverted back to his childhood as a freedom fighter. In his mind he really believes that Great Britain is the enemy. He may come over as an honest man with great integrity, which he is, except for the senility, which makes him relive the past.

It is also possible that children with guns, are running Zimbabwe.

That may account for the discrepancies of what happens in Zimbabwe, and what Mr. Mugabe reveals to the international community.

Is Mr. Mugabe the mascot and a front for the child army and their terror campaign?

Just think about it, it is possible.

No election in Zimbabwe can be fair after the torturing and killing many of the opposition.

Many of people not cast their votes in the next election in fear of retaliation.

14-05-2008 Granny White

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