Sunday, August 07, 2011

Time to give global peacekeeping organizations governing power?

Governing Africa
Young (or developing) nations have the ability to learn from the mistakes made in the history of mature nations.
Governments, like people are born, mature and ‘die’. The laws that rule the individual could be applied to governments. There are many governments today who rule without having received the right education.

In established countries individuals have the right to adult education. Governments who contravene the laws of human rights should be forced to undergo a period of education.

It is time for a global government and the drawing up of global rules of governance.

Countries that prove that they contravene the laws of basic governance should be taken over by a world government while they receive, as a whole, education in right living.

This will take time. More time than some than some developing nations have.

The famine in Somalia is not caused by drought; people are starving to death because they are ruled by a “Cowboys and Crooks” style of government, at the expense of its citizens. A government that produces more weapons of war than food must be classed as a criminal government and should be rehabilitated by force.

We see in newspapers how people die during times of warfare but we seldom see the plight of domestic and wild animals that do not understand what is happening to their environment and die in horrific circumstances.