Monday, November 15, 2010

To narrow the Gap

Two of the major blocks to transformation are the gap between the higher and lower wage earners and the other one is how much of the public/company funds are being wasted by managers and parliamentarians.Decreasing managerial income will always be unpopular.

There are other ways to tackle the problem, some of them are:

  • Stop conducting business lunches at restaurants and public venues. Why should people stuff their faces while discussing business strategies?
  • Remove all perks. Top management earn enough, they can buy their own vehicles, food, holidays and plane tickets etc. They can pay for their own security staff when off duty.
  • No more free rates and taxes.
  • No more free personal stuff, and re-evaluate how business should be conducted. Working from home may in some situations just be “taking a day off with pay”
  • People with offices should do their work from the office or allow someone else to use it.
  • People who have an office at work should not be claiming a tax rebate for the running of the home office and for traveling expenses.