Friday, October 21, 2011

Educaton for all

This year’s G20, taking place in November in Cannes, France and led by President Sarkozy, represents a real opportunity to make an impact on developing countries through the creation of the Financial Transaction Tax.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Humanity needs more soul

Poverty will disappear when the poverty of soul is no longer a major issue in humanity.

While humanity remains greedy and self centered, there will be hoarding of assets by individuals and nations which will affect the distribution of wealth in the world.

All who are less influential will suffer. That does not only include those who are vulnerable in the society like the less intelligent, children and old people but it extends to other areas of existence as well. Greed and self centeredness have a draining effect and negative impact on the animal kingdom and on nature and global warming.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Ex unitate vires

We are all part of one Humanity just like each grain of sand makes out the beach. If each grain of sand acted as an individual entity, the beach would be like dust in the wind.

If every thinking person contemplates solutions instead of being driven to fear and inertia because of the enormity of the world’s problems, we can together, change the world.

It is said that you become what you think. If all thinking people strive towards peace and right human conditions we can save the world because over 50% of the world’s population are not thinkers, they are followers. They will adopt any strong thought wave that will make their lives better.
Together we can create a new reality.

- Eendrag maak mag

– Unity is strength

- Ex Unitate Vires.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Temporary displaced minoity groups

It has come to my notice how many white people are becoming homeless. They feel especially vulnerable while some militant factions in the society are singing racial hate-songs like “Kill the Boer”. New immigrants are also feeling unsafe with the latest xenophobic violence in the townships.

When we try to find someone to help these people we are told, “They fall outside our area and the shelters are overflowing". There is just no immediate help for them.

We have many open fields that cannot be regarded as nature areas because it requires lawn mowing and maintenance.

We can fence these off and utilize it for the need of the displaced people as temporary transit camps to house minority groups that will find it difficult to adjust to a squatter camp society.

There can be a rule that tents would be allowed but no permanent structures.
We know that once a structure is erected it develops into a permanent settlement that just grows out of all proportion and we are faced with the residential laws that will make relocation difficult.

By supplying a transit place for displaced people, where they can camp in safety, until the social welfare department can place them; it will deter them from joining crime syndicates or prostitute gangs in order to survive. It will also be easier or the police, welfare organizations, volunteers, soup kitchens and medical personnel to keep an eye on them.

The local churches can also become involved and the newspapers can run articles relating to the need. It will take a lot of pressure off the short staffed police force and the welfare departments.

The welfare departments are divided into areas; therefore I suggest that every welfare area have one of these camps. It will not cost much to maintain because one of the rules can be that the settlers keep the place clean and help with the maintenance and plant a camp garden that can supply fresh food for them. It will be easier to assess the problem when the homeless are all at one location.

A second hand goods shop staffed by volunteers and residents can pay for the municipal services.

These camps can be erected immediately, since they are not permanent structures and in the meantime public debate can brainstorm a permanent solution to the problem.

The need is becoming more urgent as the economic crises worsen. We are loosing the battle against time and crime.

Ex Unitate Vires.