Thursday, July 31, 2008

Africa just a late bloomer

When one considers the early American history in relation to slavery and the Indians, it seems that what is happening in Africa today, has been enacted in American history.

The leaders of first world countries should understand and guide African leaders in their policy making efforts, and not just accuse and punish them.

However any loose cannon should be deactivated.

It may be too much to expect an inexperienced African leader, or one who do not have the support of his own cabinet, to be in a position of global policy making.

The maturity of African leadership should be reflected in a fall in the unemployment rate and the steady increased economical growth.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


25 July 2008

Issue 235

.01 CAADP now seen as historic step in Africa's development

.02 NEPAD-Spanish Fund support for women of Namibia

.03 NEPAD's seconded officials are going home

.04 Great Green Wall across the Sahara desert

.05 Vacancy for CEO of the NEPAD Secretariat

.06 More disbursements from NEPAD-Spanish Fund

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


This post has been deleted because it may be interpreted as racist


Tuesday, July 22, 2008



18 July 2008

Issue 234

.01 NBF independent from NEPAD Secretariat

.02 World experts discuss role of distance education in achieving Africa's development goals

.03 Distance education must be indigenous-grounded, says Professor Mboya

.04 NEPAD's CAADP is key in Africa's response to high food prices

.05 Malawi looks at ways to speed up NEPAD priority programmes

.06 NEPAD urges journalists to keep updated on Africa

.07 NEPAD-Spanish Fund beneficiaries urged to comply with rules

.08 NEPAD TV notice

.09 Calendar of events

.10 Contact us (mhtml:mid://00000181/#contact)

.11 Mailing list (mhtml:mid://00000181/#list)

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

African governments are fighting a loosing battle.

No African government can hope to bring peace and stability to their countries until all African countries adopt regimes of peaceful democracy.

As soon as one country prosper, a tide of displaced people stream over its borders drowning its success with an ever growing need for housing, food and employment.

South Africa is an example. South Africa would have been on target to make poverty a history, but with millions of displaced people from neighboring countries, she will be lucky if she can avoid civil war.

There are two solutions.

Bring peace to all African countries. Many displaced people will return to their country of origin when peace and prosperity returns.

Create temporary kraals with opportunities for displaced people to become self sufficient, without draining the resources of their newly adopted country.

We need a RED CROSS that will go into displaced people's kraals and teach them self-empowerment skills. Skills they can take back to their own countries when peace returns

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Loosing the globe

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The Bush government rejected regulating greenhouse gasses.

The argument is that it will damage the economy and cause too many job losses.

Since the leading nations are roll models for others to follow, I guess we will loose the globe now

Tuesday, July 15, 2008



11 July 2008 |
Issue 233

.01 NEPAD Secretariat and AfDB discuss closer collaboration
.02 SADC Marine Fisheries Ministers agree to fight illegal fishing
.03 G8 leaders zero in on food security in Africa
.04 Ghana-NEPAD silver medal for the private sector
.05 NEPAD-Spanish Fund: still waiting for documentation
.06 NEPAD TV notice
.07 Calendar of events
.08 Contact us
.09 Mailing list

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008


4 July 2008

Issue 232

.01 International meeting looks for “uniquely African”

Green Revolution

.02 NEPAD and African Bank to strengthen collaboration on fisheries sector development

.03 AfDB’s NEPAD department gets new director

.04 Chairman outlines reforms to boost performance of the AU Commission

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27 June 2008

Issue 231

.01 Donors increase financial support for NEPAD infrastructure facility

.02 Experts map way forward for Second Decade of Education for Africa

.03 Indigenous focus is vital for African Renaissance in education

.04 NEPAD-Spanish Fund support for women in Ethiopia

.05 NEPAD-Spanish Fund: call to acknowledge receipt

.06 NEPAD TV schedule

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Chessboard South african Chinese

It is a shame that Chinese South African citizens have to go to court to ask to be classified black so that they can get fair and equal business opportunities. What happened to "One rainbow Nation"?
When will the black clouds subside so we can experience that rainbow?

During the apartheid era the Chinese wanted to be white, now they want to be black. Why can we not just all be people and get on with running a prosperous country. It is embarrassing all this racial ducking and diving.