Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Divided We Fall - South Africa

In their attempts to unite, the South African government created divisions on every level of society.

The new ANC pledges to create better living conditions for all people, yet the first governmental decision after splitting the parliament was to give themselves salary increases, thereby widening the gasp between rich and poor.

Top governmental wage earners will now earn far over one million rand per year while the bottom feeders live on less than one thousand rand per month.

If South Africa cannot get its act together, what hope is there for the rest of Africa?

Yet, we need to hope that their eyes will open.

Monday, October 13, 2008


10 October 2008

Issue 246

  • .01 As daily life improves at the grassroots NEPAD is there
  • .02 Developing agriculture through sharing experiences
  • .03 Peer Review goals seen as key to making Nigeria top African economy
  • .04 Strategy of AU/NEPAD outlined at Zululand University
  • .05 Malawi says NEPAD initiative of “paramount importance”
  • .06 African Union to lead new drive to implement CAADP
  • .07 African conference speaks up for rights and needs of the disabled
  • .08 Calendar of events

  • .01 Women's Action for Development (WAD) trainees learn the art of mushroom growing at the University

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3 October 2008

Issue 245

  • .01 AU chief calls for more CAADP financing and fast-tracking
  • .02 World leaders take stock of Africa's development through NEPAD
  • .03 NEPAD and partners put final touches to the CAADP Guide
  • .04 Namibia ready for a key role in NEPAD
  • .05 NEPAD launches science and technology initiative in Malawi – Africa's 19th country to sign up
  • .06 Ghana's President tells UN about development, good governance and democracy
  • .07 New JICA will handle Japanese development assistance
  • .08 Workshop announcement
  • .09 Calendar of events