Saturday, July 28, 2007

Scary stuff


no rich, no poor, no high, no low,

The foreword of the book THE MAN by IRVING WALLACE reads as follow:

One of the author's prized possessions is an original autographed manuscript, written firmly with pen on cheap ruled paper, signed by a former Negro slave who became a great reformer, lecturer, writer, adviser to President Abraham Lincoln, United States Minister to Haiti, and candidate for Vice-President of the United States on the Equal Rights Party ticket in 1872. The manuscript reads as follows:

In a composite Nation like ours, made up of almost every variety of the human family, there should be, as before the Law, no rich, no poor, no high, no low, no black, no white, but one country, one citizenship, equal rights and a common destiny for all.
A Government that cannot or does not protect the humblest citizen in his right to life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness, should be reformed or overthrown, without delay.

Washington D.C. Oct. 20. 1883

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Council of the Elders

BEE - Blind economic Empowerment

Blind Economic Empowerment - BEE

The racial economic empowerment strategies are being stepped up in South Africa again. It beats me how people can justify laws that cripple the economy. Both the black empowered and the white suppressed see empowerment from different angles. As it has been said: "the argument is whether the stripes on the Zebra is white or black". However I am sure that if one looks closely at the whole zebra one will discover its basic color and that of the stripes. Both belongs to the same zebra

From where I "kyk die kat van die boom uit" I just see that every month someone I know leaves the country. Most of them are highly educated, qualified rich and skilled successful managers or company owners. Their expertise will be lost for South Africa but will widen the gap between first and third world economies. Many of them built their companies up from scratch. Some were involved with charity ventures. All employed people of all races and they also employed domestic workers and gardeners. Their workers and colleges may have became unemployed when their businesses changed hands or closed down. Their places got filled by less skilled workers or skilled workers and managers who could have filled other posts or started their own or other companies to fill the growing unemployment gaps.

To convince me that this trend does not harm the economy I will need to see statistics to prove it. Not the "duim gesuigde" statistics but real ones.

There are more black people in Africa so if economic empowerment was employed to the children born in freedom seventeen years ago, we would today been faced with a majority of black highly well educated children waiting to enter university and in a very short time the economic imbalances would have been something of the past. Instead we sit with a massive skills and jobs shortage. Starving people are pouring over the borders looking for more jobs and politicians who still try to saddle the sick striped economic zebra. Poor people still do not have money to pay for first class education for their children.

In 1990 when I worked in a maternity hospital the race of babies born (at least that year) were left from the birth certificates. Intermarriage were no longer frowned upon. Within a very short time these children will be entering the job market. Will the government be using Natzi statistics to determine who qualify for empowerment then?

Forget empowerment laws. Concentrate on new jobs for the surplus black skilled people who are ready to contribute to the economy. This cake is big enough to share.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

political colour blindness is needed


If any African political party feels the need to discuss "white people" behind closed doors such a party cannot stand for unity but for division.
To stand for unity in Africa one needs political colour blindness.

Apartheid in modern politics the puss in the wound

We all know and understand that apartheid was an evil practise. We understand that. The lesson has been learnt by those who previously partook in the practise.

It is so sad to see how some governments who were born in peace time keep apartheid alive. Can they not see unity and peace lies in the future and not in past pain. Such clever arguments are used to justify actions. There is support for both sides of an argument - always.

Peace can only happen in the light of forgiveness. Knowing the truth does not necessary lead to forgiveness. It may lead to revenge. - Taking revenge.

The window of the truth commission is closed - from now on it should be called what it is: a staged witch-hunt.

The truth commission was the salve on the wound of apartheid. Even wound healing has a natural time frame. A period in which healing should take place. Scratching an old half-healed wound open again cause new puss to form. Puss that must burst out somewhere. The scarring will be so much thicker.

Peace will be pushed much further in the distance. Does South Africa want to join one of those political unstable or war-torn countries of the continent? Today South Africa is still a roll model for the rest of Africa. Peace is so fragile.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Starving Africans cannot eat bio-fuel or money

Starving Africans cannot eat bio-fuel or money

It is imperative that the planting of bio-fuel does take up land that should be used for planting food for starving Africans, or have a negative impact on the dwindling natural habitation of African wild animals.

The global think-tank needs to guide the process of growing crops for a cleaner fuel in a continent where so many people are starving.

So often rare and near extinct animals and plants need to give up their last habitat for the progress of man.

Preserve the treasures of Africa. Prevent its treasures from being stripped to fill first world purses

The best way to create energy in Africa is by harnessing its natural resources: The sun, wind, and water. If growing Bio-fuel results in the destruction of natural forests and indigenous natural areas its impact may be as destructive, to the globe, as the production of any other fuel source

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Do not experiment on Africans

In an article in the Sunday Argus 24 June 2007 titled
"New research casts more doubt on GM foods"
By Melanie Peters
The following statements were made:

Director of Biowatch Leslie Liddell said a study conducted by French scientific research institute CRIIGEN on a Monsanto maize variety - which South Africa approved in 2002 shows that rats fed the GM maize and those fed conventional maize differed in brain, kidney, heart and liver measurements and had significant weight differences.

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Babies being born into some Indian tribes in the Amazon are buried alive. This is a practice that is being covered up by the Brazilian authorities out of respect for tribal culture according to newspaper reports. The tradition is based on beliefs that babies with any sort of physical defect have no souls, and that others such as twins and triplets are also "cursed".
In Africa it has been reported in the past that the belief that raping babies or virgins will cure or prevent aids.

If Africans with a similar naive tribal belief cannot yet understand the technology of modern medicine; how can they be expected to understand the running of a modern government with all its complexities? With one-person one-vote these people can be bulldozed into voting for any unscrupulous politician. To harvest political votes in Africa must be one of the main methods of pre-election political farming. Fear of course is another. Let the best political farmer or bully wins. During the first open election the people expected to receive houses immediately, as was promised. Many of them are still waiting and some of them literally died waiting for houses nearly seventeen years later...

The solution may be to give voting rights to people with a predetermined educational standard or of mature age. This will put the decision making process of he country (or continent) back into the hands of the educated and the elders. This can only be done if there is free and available schooling for all children. It will also encourage people to reach the predetermined educational standard in order to have a say in the running of the Country

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