Thursday, November 10, 2011

What is your global peace wish for 11-11-11?

What is your global peace wish for 11-11-11?
I know my motto is unity, but I realize that we cannot strive towards unity before we feel good about ourselves as people.

Emotionally scarred individuals are by nature self centered. So my 11-11-11 wish is that all children in the world receives the kind of emotional and educational support that will make them the best people they can be and also become proud patriotic citizens.
Only then can we strive towards unity – when we have leaders and political parties that stand together as one united body, supporting the larger cause in spite of their personality clashes.

While our politicians fight among each other, we can never have a unity government and we can never be patriotic. You cannot be patriotic to a split ideal. You cannot be patriotic to something that is weak and splits within governments waken it and in turn splits the nation.

A country that has policies that will lead to racial suppression can never be united. Before you can be united as one humanity, you need to be able to be patriotic to your nation.

Our children are our future. If we can heal those elements in our society that emotionally scar our children then we can strive towards global peace and unity.

For now: lets fight poverty, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, poor educational facilities and unqualified, emotionally scarred teachers.

Remember you have four chances to align to a global society for your world peace wish:
“11 am and 11 pm local time and then 11am and 11 pm GMT”.

Lets do our bit towards making this world a better place.

For people who do not know how to do a distance prayer alignment, it is easy. Just align (think) your highest and your best state of being then imagine you are in a space where everybody else, who are of the same thought as you, gather and continue as if you are directing the prayer session. Good luck with your first global prayer alignment. These opportunities when people all over the world gather in united prayer are rare. You are privileged to be able to do it today.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The days of just transferring money for charity from one bank account to another without any controls or supervision should be long gone

Most countries, if managed with poverty relief as the priority, can afford to feed and house their all citizens.

Before financial aid or loans are given to any country an audit should be done on government spending, financial sharing and other finance generating operations.

Why are finances being trapped within the spending reach of a few citizens while the majority starves, in so many developing countries? The answer is greed, power hunger, war or poor finance management.

Governments should put the need of the majority first and foremost, only then should they feed their greed and hunger for power. If they miss out on a few overseas trips, – so what? They can utilize video conferencing technology if need be.

A debate or conference on how to govern holistically should precede any financial aid initiative. The days of just transferring money for charity from one bank account to another without any controls or supervision should be long gone. We know that most of it goes into wages, talks and discussions, planning and expensive business trips while very little is spent on the implementation of the project.

Using some of the donated funds to employ an auditor and overseer will have a more positive effect on the poverty relief effort. Some developing countries may need training towards financial maturity.

Is it fair of any country that spend trillions on the comforts of the leaders, or on buying weapons of war, to expect financial aid from developed nations?