Friday, May 18, 2007

The Crystal in the Rock

The Crystal in the Rock

In many African countries, non-aboriginal people are like a crystal in the centre of a rock.

They feel suppressed, depressed, in the dark and with no space for expansion. The rock likes to hide, or squeeze the crystal out, and tries to forget that it exists.

The crystal and the rock are different, yet they are the same rock. The crystal develops in the rock, without it's crystal content the rock will be much weakened and vulnerable when faced by the onslaught of the elements. Without the rock, the crystal will float around with no resting place or purpose. For they are one and need each other.

If the rock allows its crystal to expand and radiate out; the whole rock will be strengthened and regain its magnetism.

Let each African country become like a rock that is not fearful of that which developed within itself but utilise all that it is and reclaim its whole power, strength and purpose.