Friday, September 14, 2007

Racial empowerment laws leave no opportunities in the job market for white male school leavers.

White male children especially will find it difficult to get good jobs. They have to wait for the selection to sift through potential employees among black women, black men, colored women, colored men and lastly white women before white boys are often considered for a job in a major South African company. The same racial sifting will be repeated when promotions are to be considered

White children need to be empowered to become managers and run their own companies before they leave school.

White parents will need to find solutions for the male unemployment problem. Giving your child a good education is no longer good enough for South African whites. Perhaps we should look at black tribal customs, (where the boys go into the bush to become men), for a new solution to the present employment problem.

White boys could attend a finishing school year to become managers and self empowered as a new white tribal custom. (Perhaps in the overseas work market instead of the bush)

One cannot fight against the odds. While black people carry bleeding psychological wounds from past injustices, whites need to allow them the space to heal without sinking into poverty and despair.

Struggle makes one strong and “Boer maak 'n plan” There must be a peaceful solution. A win-win solution for all races. We can not force racial equality in the job market but we must find a working solution.

Perhaps South Africans living overseas can help securing the futures of the boys from their fellow countrymen.

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