Sunday, October 21, 2007

The football field of corporate business

The football field of corporate business

We have such a wonderful diverse kaleidoscope of people living in South Africa today.

It is such a pity that laws like BEE infringes or tries to control the natural ability of South Africans to make this country an economic giant on the world corporate rugby field.

One can say BEE is not playing the ball fairly.

Why tar all citizens with the same brush. We have such a diverse African economy.

Methods could be found to empower all previously disadvantaged people by offering them assistance to start up their own companies without hijacking well run financial giants.

Only a strong economy can empower all citizens of South Africa.

If the rugby team was subjected to the same criteria as the business world in South Africa, we may not have taken the world cup.

Lets turn the economy of South Africa round to becoming top players corporate global rugby field.

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