Sunday, March 09, 2008

Nature vurtually vurture

The South African expert opinion believes that it is kinder to shoot more elephants to decrease their population.

Since South African children only need a 30% pass rate for maths at school, one can question any expert opinion. We are growing a generation who cannot add two and two together.

Africa is squeezing its national heritage, its jungle inhabitants, out to make way for the human invasion. Like cockroaches, humans inhabit any little crevice of natural habitat. Armed with modern weapons of war, wildlife doesn't stand a chance. If a wild animal manages to get the upper hand and kill its hunter, then the villagers use it as an excuse for a free for all killing spree.

One day there may be more wildlife in populated countries like England and Holland than there will be in Africa.

What will be left when all the fauna, flora and wildlife are gone: An African Chinese culture run by darker skinned people and poverty, or will it be a culture like the old pre war, behind the iron curtain, communist Russian society? Perhaps it will be like a London society with a tin-roofed squatter-camp backdrop?

The only way for Africa to retain its identity is to care for its natural resources and the diverse cultures of its people.

When the jungles of Africa are gone and when the last lion-king is imprisoned behind bars, while a few tusk less elephants walk around aimlessly looking for a tree while watching the hornless buffalo sunbathes in the dry river bead, visitors to Africa will be entertained in cinemas where they can view holographic make believe displays of wildlife in a jungle environment.

They will not even have to commute to Africa for their African experience.

To many Westerners, Africa is a place of disease, poverty, genocide, internal struggles and poor economic strategies. Many Africans cast their eyes far afield for solutions to their problems. The empowerment of the African people lies here on African soil. Not in Europe, China or Russia. The dignity of the African lies hand in hand with his relationship with the environment.

Africa should remain proudly African. Africa has a unique global roll to preserve itself. Africa has to preserve its jungles and it's inhabitants - human and animal. Africa has to preserve its natural pharmacy. African has to remind humanity where it originated.

Africa is the mirror of the past and a vision of the future. Africa is Africa -- and so it should remain.

One day nature may to be more valuable than money. When the food of the world dries up, and people realize they can not eat money, the world may turn to Africa to find solutions for sustainable living.

Ex Unitate Vires

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