Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Children with guns

Perhaps Robert Mugabe is a great old man, but has been going senile steadily for a long time. Like so many other old people, he reverted back to his childhood as a freedom fighter. In his mind he really believes that Great Britain is the enemy. He may come over as an honest man with great integrity, which he is, except for the senility, which makes him relive the past.

It is also possible that children with guns, are running Zimbabwe.

That may account for the discrepancies of what happens in Zimbabwe, and what Mr. Mugabe reveals to the international community.

Is Mr. Mugabe the mascot and a front for the child army and their terror campaign?

Just think about it, it is possible.

No election in Zimbabwe can be fair after the torturing and killing many of the opposition.

Many of people not cast their votes in the next election in fear of retaliation.

14-05-2008 Granny White

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