Thursday, July 17, 2008

African governments are fighting a loosing battle.

No African government can hope to bring peace and stability to their countries until all African countries adopt regimes of peaceful democracy.

As soon as one country prosper, a tide of displaced people stream over its borders drowning its success with an ever growing need for housing, food and employment.

South Africa is an example. South Africa would have been on target to make poverty a history, but with millions of displaced people from neighboring countries, she will be lucky if she can avoid civil war.

There are two solutions.

Bring peace to all African countries. Many displaced people will return to their country of origin when peace and prosperity returns.

Create temporary kraals with opportunities for displaced people to become self sufficient, without draining the resources of their newly adopted country.

We need a RED CROSS that will go into displaced people's kraals and teach them self-empowerment skills. Skills they can take back to their own countries when peace returns

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