Sunday, December 20, 2009

Africa and Global Warming

African country leaders no longer have the unchallenged ruler-ship.

They are responsible to the people who voted them into power.

If the majority in a country see no further than the food they can bring to the table today, we should not blame the leaders for rejecting global warming policies that will only further the poverty gap between first and third world nations.

The amount of emissions that need to be reduced should be mathematically calculated, taking into account the current abuse of fossil fuels and the population among other considerations.

It stands to reason that a country that spews 8 measuring units of CO2 into the air should reduce its output more than a developing country that spews 3 units.

There are other considerations like the amount of trees and other carbon neutralizing factors that influence the atmosphere.

In the long run we should aim to keep the air clean, using a variety of methods, like for each industry, there should be natural ways to neutralize the poisoning impact on the environment.

A power plant must be balanced by a forest for example.

No industry should have the right to poison the land, air or water.

Without the earth to live on there is no life.

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