Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Management of mineral wealth

A country’s mineral wealth management should not only involve moving the profits from the hands of foreign investors into the hands of a chosen few black investors. That is why BEE failed in the first place.

Any change in financial policies, relating to mineral wealth, should:

  • Encourage global participation,
  • Improve the economy and
  • Pour the bulk of the mineral-wealth profit into building a strong social welfare system that can create employment and better lifestyles for all locally born citizens of a region.

No one country can be expected to feed and house the whole of Africa, but local resources of all African countries should translate to:
  • A better lifestyle for the local population,
  • Preservation of the African heritage and
  • The protection of the local Animal population.

Africa is a rich continent and its most valuable assets do not lie underground but is:
  • The diversity of life forms;
  • Unique vegetation;
  • Diversity of people and cultures;
That makes Africa the last paradise on earth.

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