Friday, February 10, 2012

Responsible Citizenship

Educate the communities on how to appreciate joint recreational and educational facilities.
Too much money is wasted on trying to uplift communities without pre-education, supervision and maintenance. The community can be motivated to become proud, responsible citizens.

Everybody have cell phones. It is easy to teach people how to report irregularities. It is easy to send an SMS with the registration of a vehicle that violates the community rights. Teach people how to video a criminal activity or suspicious person and send it to the local police station. SMS messages to the police or emergency services should be free for registered cell phone users.
The police should have a big enough database to store these observations for a number of years.

If a soccer field looks like a wasteland, then the community will use it as such.

Where there is community pride and responsibility, there will be less crime.

Sporting activities are one way to engender pride among local citizens.
A community hall where educational and informative meetings and activities for the jobless can be conducted should be built in every community. Build vandal-proof structures if possible and employ all rounder watchmen who can also be cleaners and maintenance workers.

Our leaders are receiving too high salaries it should be sliced to provide community infrastructures. When the difference between top wage earners and bottom wage earners (and pensioners) are more than 15,000% (R1, 500,000+ and R1, 000-) there is something rotten in a society.

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