Sunday, July 29, 2012

People need to be proud of their herritage.

The Afrikaner will always be proud to be an Afrikaner, no matter what nickname is given to him.  Few will cry "racist" because someone called him a "whity", "rock spider","boer" or anything else.  Afrikaners are proudly Afrikaans, generally.
The Jew also is a proud race regardless of how much the world hated them at times.
Germans are proud to be Germans even though they were the enemies during the last world war.
The Australians were once a bunch of criminals sent into exile.   They are a proud nation and embrace their past.  

Why can Africans not be proudly African?
Why can the black majority not be proudly black?
Why is calling someone "black" regarded as a crime?

Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that African politicians spend too much time jet setting around the world and spend too little effort in uplifting the plight of ordinary people.

Perhaps the biggest cleavages in Africa are not between different shades of skin color, but lies in the fact  that the black African is a divided race.
They still cling to the "Upstairs - downstairs" policies that first world nations abandoned many decades ago.

Does the politicians, who walk among the shacks for their photo shoots really feel equal to the poverty stricken people they try to impress?

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