Sunday, August 19, 2012

When strike action turns to war action we do not need bulldogs with rubber teeth.

When strikers use live ammunition, or other weapons to inflict bodily harm, they are no longer strikers.   They have crossed the line and became terrorists.?

The minute a striker arms him/her self with a weapon or a fire lighter he/she should receive the confrontation given to any terrorist world wide.

Having said that, we need to address the real reason behind the violence.
The buck stops with the politicians.  

There should be a rule of as to how much company executives may earn as compared to the workers.  There should be an even gap between all ranks or earners, from the bottom up.    (Say a 15% increase in earnings between all grades and not 5% at the lower end and 600% at the top)

Neither should the earnings of workers (and executives)  be fixed, but should be determined according to the profitability of the mine or company.   Earnings should be based of net profits.   It could be high – low – or nothing, but the same rule should apply to all workers and executives.

It is time that the gap between glut and starvation is addressed.

Unfortunately it can not be done by reigning politicians because they will not be willing to give up their luxurious lifestyles.  This is something the country will have to vote for and it is something only a new parliament can implement across the board.

The best we can do, for now,  is to run a few pilot initiatives, just to test this new fairer profit driven even-gap system.

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