Monday, February 17, 2014

The gap between the developed and the undeveloped countries

Change can only happen when people desire it.

The difference between developed and developing countries is determined how intelligent their decision-making processes are and their ability to manage their human resource.

Babies can not walk before they have learned how to roll over or sit up in their cradles.    
The maturity of leaders can be judged on how they are able to put their country or community's needs above their own.  
The old king-and-castle leaders are being seen as exploiters who feather their own nests at the expense of  their citizens. 
The first world expects their leaders to  promote their country as a powerful global co-operative player.   They see themselves as group players with their leaders the captains of their team.

Responsibility and control are two elements of maturity.

A self diagnoses of the maturity of the citizens in a region or an organization can be measured by the way they behave during strike action or protest actions:

A mature group will respect the right and possessions of other.
They will be non-violent.
They will not degrade their community or country.
They will not derail the country's opportunity to achieve or grow financially strong. (Strike action during global sporting of conferencing events)
They will not 'cut their noses to spite their faces' by burning down libraries or schools because they want a better education.
They will not ask the government to fix toilets or broken windows in schools before trying to do it themselves or by asking for help from the community first.
They will not steal from hospitals or institutions that is there to aid those in need.
Nurses will not desert those in their care to strike for more wages.
A first world country know how to maintain roads or public buildings.    Lack of maintenance is a sign of immaturity and in most cases not of poverty.
The gap between the living styles of leaders and citizens is another measure for financial abuse.

This post seems unnecessary for those who have the ability to think for themselves, but there are so many people in developing countries who are still using their combined power destructively.   The problem is that they are being driven by self centered leaders who should have more integrity.

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