Tuesday, October 27, 2015


I was reminded of a group prayer that was sent out eighteen  years ago.

Perhaps the student unrest  may still make it happen.

Here is a copy of the the post on a website that no longer exists.   It was also titled HEAL AFRICA (It has no connection with the current website that uses that name today)

The prayer is that all children born after 2000 has the ability to receive the kind of education that will empower them to develop their own unique skills and become leaders in their own special fields.

That the education system honor each child’s uniqueness.

This is how to join:
(Link up (in your mind's eye)  to the prayer group  at 6 p.m. daily - or at any other time that suits you)

Become aware of the love within your heart, and within your "minds-eye" (imagine) see a group of people of goodwill from all over the world


Feel yourself to be one of them. Their identities do not matter.

Now in your minds eye see how each child who enters school in the new millennium receives an education that will encourage the development of his/her own special skills so that she/he can grow into a loving worthy adult and become a leader in his/her own special unique field.

Ask that it is done


Our children are the leaders of tomorrow. It is in their hands that the future of Our Country will rest. Let's all join together in daily prayer.


The collage was constructed using Google images labelled for re-use


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