Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Teach informal settlers the ways and responsibilities of urban living.

Solutions to social problems, within our society,  may require a psychological analysis into the nature and/or the reason for the problem. 
A breakdown in communication may need to be addressed.

For instance; before flush toilets are installed or houses built, 
educate the users on how to maintain the toilets.
Make sure that the community has a maintenance team to handle repairs and cleaning.

Communities who are unwilling to learn how to maintain an infrastructure (like toilets) may have to be satisfied with alternatives - like long drops until they can organize themselves.

Alternatively, ask the community to come up with a solution. to their problem.

The same applies to receiving houses or schools and libraries.   Structures that are vandalized should not be re-built by the government.   Repairs should be the responsibility of the community, responsibility because they allowed it to happen.

Political parties should support each other in this respect for the sake of the people.

30% of programs on open television should be of a social educational nature.

People living in cities should learn bush-sense and people in informal settlements should learn
the responsibilities of city living.

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