Saturday, June 09, 2007

Starving African feeds the glut of the world

Why should the best local food be exported while inferior produce is dumped on the African market. Why should Africans follow the first world trend? Do we not also deserve the best?

Why export food at all while 75% of Africans struggle to put decent food on the table?

Why should Africa need import food if we have enough to export?

The science for global intelligent farming exists. If all peaceful countries in Africa unite to create an African market according to the continent's needs, it would not be necessary for people to flog to the most southern point of Africa in a hope to escape starvation.

It is now the time for survival tactics while the rest of the world is still focused on making poverty a history.
Africa will have to prove that they are not merely global beggars but can and will become self sustainable.

This cycle of pouring investment into Africa will not last forever. We need to "
strike while the world's pockets are open"

Africa can not afford to wait for corrupt or war-torn African countries to restore harmony and peace. The countries who are ready to make poverty a history need to unite now to create global poverty rescue strategies.

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