Saturday, June 30, 2007

WORLD GREED 28-6-2007



One can say that greed is one of the most destructive forces in the world today.

There is enough money to ensure a comfortable living for every sentient being on the planet.

With so much money pouring into Africa all Africans should have the knowledge and tools to have a self-sustainable living.

The elements that paralyze the efforts of first world countries to have the desired "make poverty history' effect in Africa are among other:

  • The Red tape of outdated rules and laws prevent proper distribution of funds and investment opportunities in Africa.
  • Unskilled or immature or greedy decision makers.
  • Corruption and violence.
  • War and anarchy.
  • There is unwillingness among people in power to take responsibility of their own actions.
  • There is a tendency to blame and punish past injustices instead utilizing current resources to create solutions for the future.
  • We have many poor role models among teachers, politicians and those in power.
  • Too many Africans are in "victim mode".
  • A tendency to widen the gap between the higher and lower classes because of the greed of those in control of financial distribution and the population at large.
  • Another problem is the crime that is out of hand, criminal injustice and a poor social structure.
  • Drugs and drug abuse destroys the lives of too many Africans
  • A tendency of African leaders to be global beggars and expects from the first world standards that they are unable to implement in their own countries.
  • Military rule.
  • Etc. Etc.
Money alone will not permanently alleviate poverty.

Education and healing at all levels of the African society will be needed as well as positive role models from first world countries.

Africans need to learn to be accountable for their promises. The money donors should insist on that. Leaders should mirror their expectations. They are not only there to make fancy speeches while globe trotting

Shortcomings that are recognized openly in Africa are often active behind the scenes in the first world.

Where Africans may be master beggars and victims; First world leaders may be master manipulators and deceivers.

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