Sunday, June 08, 2008


Refugee solution.

With proper management refugees need not be a drain on the economy.

Perhaps all current South African illegal immigrants should be classified as refugees.

They are in essence refugees in our country regardless of the situations in their native countries.

Perhaps a large unused farm could be turned into a permanent township for displaced people, where their individual skills can be utilized to become self sufficient as a group of people. Skills sharing and educational programmers can empower these people to become self sufficient when they return to their country of origin.

Permanent foreign residents who choose to integrate into the communities should be given the choice to do so.

One cannot expect our country to feed them forever. We have our own poor that need our help.

If dignity is restored among the displaced people, and their lives return to some form of permanence, (until the situation in their own countries return to normal) healing can begin.

Crime of any kind should not be tolerated by immigrants or displaced people. The penalty for such crime should be immediate deportation, regardless of the situation in their country of origin. This may prevent such a township from being turned into headcounters for crime syndicates that feed on the vulnerable and needy.

Original post from Simonye Cape Town

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