Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What freedom is there in dictatorship?


Perhaps it is time to stop blaming white rule, slavery, apartheid and other foreign interventions for problems in Africa. – (However not implying that they are blameless)

Today people are leaving the homelands for the cities to live in bricks and mortar environments introduced by foreign intervention in Africa.

The majority of Africans choose a European standard of living.

There are a few interesting points that can be pondered on in respect to American / European domination in Africa.

What percentage of descendants of African (slaves) Americans wishes to make Africa their home, today?

What was the economy in any African country like during earlier European rule compared to African rule today?

How did the crime statistics compare to that of today?

How did the living standards of ordinary people compare?

Perhaps freedom fighters; all over the world should take some responsibility for situations in Africa, today.

What freedom is there in dictatorship?

A non-racist society should not care about the color of the skin of their ruler but that of his / her capability to improve the economy and living standards of all the people in the country. "Freedom" is not swapping from white to black, that is only "exchange".

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