Monday, June 28, 2010

Narrow the Gap

Narrow the gap between rich and poor.

This period of recovering from the economic slump may not be a period of increasing wages, but decreasing them from the top down. The unions should understand that, and rather become watchdogs for greedy high earning opportunists than fighting for more wages for people who already have jobs.

The fact is that a working man will never have enough money, no matter how much he earns. People will spend themselves into their comfortable state of need.

We need to decrease wages right now so that there is money to create jobs for those who have no money to support their families.

Get South Africa working should be the new purpose of the unions, today --- to have 0% unemployment for all citizens who had their names on the last voters roll.

We should aim at a 100% employment figure for all voters because they were the people who cared who would run this country and they are the people who deserve jobs first.

Our new slogan should be 100% employment for all voters by 2015.

We can only do it if we make decisions that will strengthen our economy and suppress our financial greed.

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