Friday, June 04, 2010

Peace makers and sheep

There are those, within African societies, who are the leaders of peace and stability, then there are the sheep of society; a great majority of African citizens who have not yet developed their consciousness beyond that of their own personal needs.

We need to engender positivity and hope within our own minds; One mind at a time.

The ‘FIFA World Cup’ is a platform on which to stage our hopes and dreams for Africa.

It is only when the consciousness of the majority of thinkers swings to positive mode that the sheep will follow. The sheep of a society is like the horses that pulls the cart.

For an African society to change you need to change the unthinking masses.

When governments fail in their duty, regarding bringing peace and stability within their jurisdictions, it become crucial for the thinkers to put their doubts aside and project positivity for the sake of the unthinking masses.

Be positive during ‘The World Cup’. This may be our last chance to turn the tide of destruction at the Southern point of Africa into that of building the RAINBOW NATION.

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