Saturday, April 27, 2013

Freedom is not only a right, it is also a responsibility.

Freedom to know the truth is regarded as a basic human right in countries where the governing bodies are prepared to take the responsibility for their actions.

Institutions with something to hide or cover up, on the other hand would welcome a secrecy bill.

Is it possible for any leading African country to take a step back to the days of Apartheid with gagging policies on information sharing?

I do not think the world will tolerate another iron curtain.   Instead of hiding information with secrecy bills, the truth will be published in through the international media, which will focus the world attention on other government shortcomings also.

Parallels will be drawn with countries like Zimbabwe and the suppressive era in our history, resulting in negative criticism for the Sub Saharan African region.

The truth will come to a boil in Google, Twitter, Facebook, U-Tube etc through the internet and other international media.   

We are moving towards globalization.       The world is moving towards responsible action and cover-ups are not tolerated any longer.    The global media hunts the revealing of truth behind a cover-up with the same passion as an Astronomer in his search for undiscovered heavenly bodies.

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