Thursday, April 11, 2013

What is Transformation?

Transformation should not aim towards changing the colour of leadership to ‘black or white’. The aim of transformation should be towards perfection, or so that it can deliver a better service (which is another measure for perfection).   The aim should be to be better than before, not only look better.    Majority will rule in the long run, if they are given educational opportunities on par with the best, but then they will also need strong role models; people in charge that stand head and shoulders above their subordinates.    They need to aim to win by being the best, and not aim for an emotional sympathy vote.

The drawbacks of putting someone with lesser qualifications (but a better skin tone) in charge will have negative kickbacks.
•    The more qualified co-workers will criticize the decisions made by the leadership.
•    They will neglect their own work because they are disillusioned by the system.
•    They may complain to the press who will report on the weak decision making process and the country concerned will loose Brownie-points from the global community.
•    The sky-limit will just be another step lower than it can be; the best would have been downgraded.
•    A developing country will be another step further from being included in the global decision making group (or a step closer to loosing that position).

In South Africa employment decisions should not favour colour above competence.   If we do that we shall continue to be a developing nation.   We need to break out of the ‘apartheid’ mould to become a developed nation.

No part is bigger than the whole.

No one race is more important than unity, because only a united country can break barriers.   Only a united country can work together to achieve greatness.

Using the same measure no country is bigger than the continent.    South Africa is not bigger than Africa.   A continent is measured both by its best and worst nations.

No one continent is bigger than the world.   No nation is bigger than the world of nations.   No race is bigger than the whole of humanity.

We should transform according to the measure of humanity; it is the only way to be a developed nation on the global platform.     To measure against humanity is the only way to rise to leadership.


The photograph below is the headlines of an article from the Cape Times 10/04/13 which was the inspiration for this blog post.   The contents should be regarded as fact because it is incomplete.  

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