Friday, October 10, 2014

Modern Tribal Africa

Tribal Africans are born soldiers (impis), being ruled by royal families.   

Africa still has to learn the laws of unity and sharing with all tribes.

Many African rulers recognize peace as something to fight for, but they use the old methods of fighting against a group of people (an enemy), instead of fighting the element of violence and unrest.

The real enemy is not the successful white South Africans.   The real enemy to fight is that what counteracts prosperity for all people.

The real enemy is an attitude of crime, corruption violence and armed robberies.

While there are guns in the hands of the public, there will always be those who feel powerful behind it.   Trigger happy cowards.

Some African politicians search past history, to find old scores to settle, in order to create an enemy. 
Conquering an enemy was the way of the past.
Some politicians feel only powerful when they can function in an atmosphere of racial hatred.   
Without an enemy, they have no governing skill.

Africa needs to move from using physical strength through war and cunning tactics in order to secure power.
The way to peace and prosperity is to developing mental strength to grow a strong economy that can overcome poverty.

African politicians need to develop real governing skills.   They need to learn how to empower all races and get them to work together.

African leaders need to acquire the tools to build the rainbow continent.

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