Friday, October 10, 2014


During 2015, the eyes of the world will be on African governments.  The world will analyze statistical data relating to crime, unemployment health care, corruption and land use.

They will measure poverty, unemployment, and the gap between rich and poor.

Above all, they will analyze government spending and look at why and how donations and opportunities to make poverty history by 2015 failed.

Governments will be classified, not only by their ability to create and maintain good human relations for all citizens and their ability to handle conflict situations but also on their ability to be global partners.

Aid and donations to third world nations will not continue as before.   Governments who failed will be by passed and those who attempted to create peace and prosperity will be further boosted.

2015 will be a year of judgement for all national rulers.   

Which rulers will weigh too light?

Which leaders will be classed as incompetent fools?

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