Thursday, November 20, 2014

A country in debt follows a road to bondage or slavery.

A country in dept can never be a global financial leader.   Such nations can only have power in their local newspapers, but to their foreign competitors they are incompetent fools.

Borrowed money should only be a band-aid, for a very brief period, until the wound heals.

A wound that is too big to heal within the allocated time, needs surgery.
(Drastic internal strategies)

Financial drain often leaks into the pockets of top wage earners and government leaders who consider themselves financially untouchable kings.

African nations must be careful of taking a financial gift in exchange of favors.   Those favors may be invisible shackles of slavery.

Be free Africa.  Be strong Africa.    
Be governable Africa.

Owe nothing to anyone.  
Beg nothing from anyone.

Fight against theft, corruption, racism and violence.

Let the past be in the past, a lesson learned, and strive towards new lessons of the future,
 ground the vision, of the  rainbow nation, of freedom for all citizens.


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