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Heal the INNER CHILD of developing countries

There are many African children and adults, who grow/grew up in militant environments. 

Some of them are politicians today. 
Some will be the leaders of tomorrow.  
They have/are militant leaders.
There roll models are/where “Freedom Fighters”.
They regard fighting for the freedom of their countries as their life's destinies.

They dream about having an enemy to kill and to follow in the footsteps of those who fight before them.

Singing war songs and songs about slaying enemies of the past helps them to seal their fate.
Their fate is one of having an enemy to fight.    

In many cases they could strip a gun, before they could recite the ABC.
Many of them never completed their schooling.

Food and personal possessions may be (where) scarce, but guns and ammunition where regarded as prized possessions. 

They would dream about owning the best assault rifles like their  worldly counterparts reamed about owning the latest cars.

When democracy came to Africa  the freedom-fighters were not prepared for peace.  

Democratic peace and possessions offered no challenge. 

The truth-commission satisfied their lust for revenge for a while, 
but they were not programmed for peace.

People became restless.   Their souls urged them to fulfill their destinies, their reason for being.   
 What does a fighter do when the fight is over?
All that life taught them was how to fight the enemy so they started to create divisions within their societies and nations. 
They separated the colors in the rainbow, because a rainbow nation includes no opportunity to  fight. 
 It was easy to make all white people and foreigners their enemy.
 Fighting them is all they knew how to do.   

In order to heal Africa we need to find ways to heal the ‘inner-child’ of the nations and its leaders.

While the inner-child of the developing world remained untreated, the seeds of peace will have to wait generations to grow.    

Only skills development education and positive leadership can heal the leaders of tomorrow.

We need to find a way to reach out to the injured ‘inner core of society’, of the world and teach them that love and forgiveness, not revenge and war lead to freedom.

Freedom is not fighting, it is embracing unity.

Only when we become world citizens can we heal the earth.

Written 3 September 2011 by Rose W and edited by EX UNITATE VIRES 21-11-2014

When your neighbor has more than you,
it does not make you poorer
Each person gets to enjoy the fruit of his/her labors
You can build your success alongside that of your neighbor,
Don't indulged in jealousy, but use your neighbor as a roll model.
Like attracts like,
You are lucky to have him/her in your environment.

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