Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Racism Kills prosperity

Some of the media and politicians may be trying to fuel racism in order to promote their own superiority of line their pockets.

A statement that whites occupies more managerial positions than other races may be a form of hate speech.
If there is a problem with the superiority of white management, education should be geared to even the score. Government departments simply choose the person with the highest qualification and experience to do the best job, and so it should be. Racism and red tape are responsible for so many delays in service delivery.
No country can not afford to replace its top management so that it conform to a skin color code.

It will be a more positive and financially viable move if we create new business opportunities in order to color the white squares on the business-world-chessboard into an even gray in black dominated countries. (Mixing old white businesses with new, (from the ground up) nonwhite businesses)

Financial growth in should never be crippled to implement an emotional racist ideal.
We should welcome all Local businesses.
We should allow the racial group who financed a new business venture and built it up from the ground the staff that he could best train to become future managers.
When one race dominates in any country, with equal opportunities and the right international relationships, the dominating race will eventually rule without the need for suppression of any other group.
Countries who underestimate the power of the international community will remain poor.

Countries who puts their trust in the promises of nations who have more hungry mouths to feed than they can support will become the bread baskets for foreign continents while its own people starve.
No foreign country invests in another if it does not see an opportunity to bleed its resources – even if they use charity as a blind to fool the leadership.
Always engage with the international business world with equal sharing opportunities in mind.

Do not take bribe or loans. Eventually, they will need to be paid back and that often happens when a country can ill afford it. It then will need to sell its soul to pay the debt.
Never forget that a healthy economy is needed for a healthy social structure.

We all need to become aware of news reporters and politicians who fuel racial debates in order to gain popularity.

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