Thursday, June 30, 2016


The education system must address solutions to everyday problems.
The best time to introduce empowerment skills is at primary school before children had time to copy-cat the behaviour of self-destructive elders.

Children should grow up with an attitude of finding solutions for problems instead of blaming the apartheid system, the government or other external sources for everyday problems within their communities.
The days of thieves, beggars and handout should be over. If a gate breaks on a prosperous farm, the workers know that it needs to be fixed. Domestic workers know how to clean. People who have the skill and intelligence to build shacks should be able to maintain toilets.

The missing link is management and self-motivation skills.
It is easier to blame, and beg that to take charge.   We see this trend even among our leaders.
It is the time that our education system teach our teachers how to educate parents and their children on management and self-motivation.

NB – FIRST TRAIN THE TEACHERS because many of them still think that strike action is the only way to solve problems and that violence and vandalism are part and parcel of such action to force other to solve problems they should be capable of doing themselves.  

Many teachers will moan when the roof of their classroom leaks or a window is broken, without getting on the phone to find someone who can fix it.
It is a pity too that many newspaper reporters are more interested in sensationalism than to give alternative viewpoints that can empower the community.

Municipalities should be ready to help communities who are willing to help themselves free of charge, for instance, mMunicipal workers can supervise and provide materials while the community takes care of  after its own repairs.
Our schools should be nation builders also.
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