Saturday, July 07, 2007

Starving Africans cannot eat bio-fuel or money

Starving Africans cannot eat bio-fuel or money

It is imperative that the planting of bio-fuel does take up land that should be used for planting food for starving Africans, or have a negative impact on the dwindling natural habitation of African wild animals.

The global think-tank needs to guide the process of growing crops for a cleaner fuel in a continent where so many people are starving.

So often rare and near extinct animals and plants need to give up their last habitat for the progress of man.

Preserve the treasures of Africa. Prevent its treasures from being stripped to fill first world purses

The best way to create energy in Africa is by harnessing its natural resources: The sun, wind, and water. If growing Bio-fuel results in the destruction of natural forests and indigenous natural areas its impact may be as destructive, to the globe, as the production of any other fuel source

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