Saturday, July 07, 2007


Babies being born into some Indian tribes in the Amazon are buried alive. This is a practice that is being covered up by the Brazilian authorities out of respect for tribal culture according to newspaper reports. The tradition is based on beliefs that babies with any sort of physical defect have no souls, and that others such as twins and triplets are also "cursed".
In Africa it has been reported in the past that the belief that raping babies or virgins will cure or prevent aids.

If Africans with a similar naive tribal belief cannot yet understand the technology of modern medicine; how can they be expected to understand the running of a modern government with all its complexities? With one-person one-vote these people can be bulldozed into voting for any unscrupulous politician. To harvest political votes in Africa must be one of the main methods of pre-election political farming. Fear of course is another. Let the best political farmer or bully wins. During the first open election the people expected to receive houses immediately, as was promised. Many of them are still waiting and some of them literally died waiting for houses nearly seventeen years later...

The solution may be to give voting rights to people with a predetermined educational standard or of mature age. This will put the decision making process of he country (or continent) back into the hands of the educated and the elders. This can only be done if there is free and available schooling for all children. It will also encourage people to reach the predetermined educational standard in order to have a say in the running of the Country

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