Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Apartheid in modern politics the puss in the wound

We all know and understand that apartheid was an evil practise. We understand that. The lesson has been learnt by those who previously partook in the practise.

It is so sad to see how some governments who were born in peace time keep apartheid alive. Can they not see unity and peace lies in the future and not in past pain. Such clever arguments are used to justify actions. There is support for both sides of an argument - always.

Peace can only happen in the light of forgiveness. Knowing the truth does not necessary lead to forgiveness. It may lead to revenge. - Taking revenge.

The window of the truth commission is closed - from now on it should be called what it is: a staged witch-hunt.

The truth commission was the salve on the wound of apartheid. Even wound healing has a natural time frame. A period in which healing should take place. Scratching an old half-healed wound open again cause new puss to form. Puss that must burst out somewhere. The scarring will be so much thicker.

Peace will be pushed much further in the distance. Does South Africa want to join one of those political unstable or war-torn countries of the continent? Today South Africa is still a roll model for the rest of Africa. Peace is so fragile.

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