Friday, January 11, 2008

African Economic Merging.

Perhaps it is time that Africa start feeding Africans and not China or America.

An economic policy that does not rely on export needs to be created.

Africa should not export food while there are Africans starving.

We have enough coal, gold, diamonds and other minerals to export.

The Southern African countries could amalgamate and share wealth for the benefit of Africans and resource sharing.

A suggested structure could be:

  • One head of the 'The Southern Africa Nations' (The Southern African National President.)
  • Old (retired) African Presidents (The Southern African National Council of the Elders)
  • Presidents of the various Nations
  • Prime ministers and other parliamentarians who deals with local affairs within the various countries.
  • One currency, the Afro, (like the Euro)

Africa should prepare for the 2020 deadline when the "Make poverty history" project ends.

Africa should utilise this window of "First World Sympathy" to empower itself.

It is not a time for war and internal struggles.

It is a time to build a strong National African economy that relies on its own resources. We still have too many companies boosting the economy who is first and foremost feeding rich individuals. Money derived from exports should put bread on the tables of the poorest of the poor.

There is a possibility that 2020 will be the cut-off time for first world guilt and sympathy for Africa. The strong nations may return to their former tendency to exploit the African nations without consideration for the people. Africa needs to build a strong structure before then.

Africa needs to protect itself from harmful external interference, however Africa needs to remember that it is a baby as far as National Unity is concerned and should learn from 'first world' examples.

Please note that information in this blog is a private opinion and not government policy.

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