Thursday, January 17, 2008

Canned lion hunters the Laughing stock of Africans

Canned lion hunters the Laughing stock of Africans

Honour among lion hunters

Lion hunters are the laughing stock of Africans when they shoot lions at canned lion farms.

These tame lions are bread in captivity, often in overcrowded conditions. They are sometimes drugged to make shooting and tracking them easier.

Hunters pay big money to shoot an African lion as a virility boost. They proudly display the photograph of their kill and sometimes have the head and skin of the lion preserved. All the time they are laughed about behind their backs. "Another rich fool was born" In actual fact, shooting that lion was as easy as shooting a baby. All they had to do were aim and shoot the doped or restricted animals. Ha Ha!

People, who come to hunt in Africa, should insist that the animals were reared in the wild, and that the female is not suckling cubs. That is permissible in South Africa as a tourist trade. While there are people out there who feel the need to boost their manhood by killing a beautiful animal, there will be people who want to make money from it. Greed led to canned lion farming.

If wild lions are hunted, instead of doped, canned lions released three days prior to the shooting, then nature will be preserved. Rearing lions in small cages is cruel and do nothing for nature. It should be banned throughout Africa. This practice is called 'canned lion hunting'.

There is much more respect for someone who goes out in Safari to shoot a lion with the camera. If farmers claim they do not have the funds to upgrade their parks to a reserve, then they should seek BEE partnership.

Please search the South African Aardvark Search Engine for the latest news on canned lion hunting.

Do not be a laughing stock. Be a man (or woman) with a conscious and insist that the animal you shoot had a long enough time to enjoy a happy existence in nature. Tour companies should blacklist people who partake in canned hunting. Their websites should be on a blacklist file for potential hunters to see.

One can not stop the coward who kills the vulnerable and defensless for fun, but the serious competitive hunter can insist in good living conditions for their prey. Your hobby can actually preserve nature in Africa. Be environmentally aware and see behind the screens these people con you into.

Be a hunter, not the laughing stock of Africans. You are not shooting the last lion in Africa. Investigate. Insist in seeing other lions in wild. Males and females with cubs. Look at the conditions in which they live. Photograph it for the reference of tourist organizations. Be a proactive conservationist.

Condemn heartless canned lion farmers.

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