Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Levelling the plying fields

South Africa in stormy waters

During the apartheid years in South Africa, the economy was built on the sweat and suffering of people with colour. Leaders need to take care, today, not to level the economy in an attempt to level the playing fields. Racism always has a negative impact on the economy of any country. (Rhodesia / Zimbabwe is a prime example).

South Africa seems to be sliding backwards very fast too.

Rather than colour code executive positions, one could utilize the experience of skilled workers to educate the underprivileged while standards of service remain high.

Any ship will sail for a while, and look as pretty as ever, without experienced sailors in charge. but sooner or later she will sink. South Africa is sinking and there seem to be no one at the rudder. Zimbabwe is gone, yet she seems to be a role model for many African heads of states.

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